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What would make a 1988 Olds Cutlass Ciera hard to start?


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2006-04-18 01:49:23
2006-04-18 01:49:23

prob a bad battery if it doesn't get enough charge from altenater to resupply cold cranking amps iniatal cranking will be hard so get your altenater and battery checked Sometimes it can be the oil. Some people don


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What would make a 1899 oldsmobile cutlass ciera start and then die right away?

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The resources I have say that you have a 15 gallon tank. Hope it helps

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The Electronic Control Module (ECM) is located under the right hand side of the instrument panel.

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I can help you I had that problem on my 1988 cutlass ciera and the answer is that one of the lights on the back not the third small on is not working. Open the trunk take out the bulb itself and check the wiring. That what was wrong with mine someone didn't have it wired right. Hope this helps you out.

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