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What would make a 1989 Ford Aerostar hesitate?


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A 2001 Kenworth semi-truck.

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Hesitation and poor performance can be commonly caused by a clogged air intake filter, intake manifold/vacuum leak, a clogged fuel filter, weak fuel pumps (notice that most Aerostars have two), or if it's a 3.0 liter Aerostar, it might have never had a tune-up, as especially the passenger's side spark plugs are nearly impossible to get at. If the hesitation occurs at certain speeds, it is the throttle position sensor, and is very simple to change out. start with the basics air filter, fuel pressure around 30-40lbs key on eng off, and spark, and retrieve the error codes for sensor problems; check for broken vacuum lines and wires, check ignition timing (10 degree BTDC), etc. The mass air sensor could also be the culprit. This was the case with my 93 4.0


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