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Sounds like an exhaust leak.

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Q: What would make a Chevy small block sound like popcorn when you start it?
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Why would a small block Chevy have forty inches of vacuum at an idle?

That doesn't sound right. Maybe try a different gage.

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Your 2001 cavalier's engine is rattling sound like popcorn popping what could that be?

The 2001 Chevy Cavalier may need a valve adjustment. Loud valves tend to create a clacking noise which could mimic popcorn popping.

What is the ticking sound in your Chevy truck its not the engine block?

check for exhaust leaks around the manifold inlets and outlets.

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Chevy Silverado 2001 1500 5.3v8 when you accelerate theres a small dieseling sound from underneath?

sounds like a knock sensor is service light on

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Why does a 350 Chevy small block make knocking sound?

It all depends on what KIND of knocking sound.Some people call it a knocking sound when the engine pings from pre-ignition. If that's what you have, check the knock sensor.A classic knocking sound is typically either worn bearings or piston slap.Piston slap is when there the skirt of the piston is a little small and it "pops" at the bottom of the stroke. Typically that sound goes away once the engine warms up. The small block 350 is notorious for a little piston slap and as long as it goes away once the engine is warmed up piston slap is considered to be in the nuisance category of engine sounds.If it's worn bearings you'll also see some kind of indication of low oil pressure. If THAT'S going on, the engine is "done". You can try a heavier weight oil but if it's knocking constantly that probably won't do much good.Thank You for that Answer about the Bearings and Crankshaft