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Infrequent oil changes or running with too low of oil level.

Running at consistantly too high or consistantly too low of RPMs

Running an extended period on an il-timed engine.

Timing chain jumped. An overheated condition can caused this.

An severely overheated condition can warp the block and cause this as well.

Water/fluid got in the intake

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Q: What would make a crankshaft go in a car that is only 6 years old?
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Would a bad crankshaft sensor make a 1993 2.3 ford ranger mis badly?

yes and only way to fix it is to replace the sensor

Is a four bolt main crankshaft the same as a 2 bolt main crankshaft?

Yes the crankshaft for say a 350 4 bolt and a 350 2 bolt is the same the only dif is in the block itself. Just make sure to check bearings to make sure the cranks are the same for bearings and have not been turned that would be the only dif in crank shafts the size should be on the bearings std., .001, .010 .020 and so on

Would a faulty crankshaft cause your car to not start?

Only if it was broke in half and that is very doubtful.

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Does a 1983 Chevy Celebrity have a crankshaft sensor?

No, the 1983 model does not have a crankshaft position sensor. Only distributorless engine needs a crankshaft position sensor.

What is difference between centre and overhung position of crankshaft?

A center crankshaft has the crank located?æin the middle. An overhung crankshaft, also known as a side crankshaft, has it located to the side.

Can a brine head fit on a stx crankshaft?

no, only a select few stx heads fit on a crankshaft

Why three stroke engine not possible?

a stroke is a half rotation of a crankshaft. a three stroke would finish would only be 1 1/2 revolutions.

Why would my car only run for half an hour or so in hot weather before shutting off?

crankshaft position sensor

Why can you rotate crankshaft only 4 inch then it stops?

Its an auto lock, if you go more than 4 inches the crankshaft breaks

Is crankshaft sensor position malfunction a serious problem?

The only function of the crankshaft position sensor is to tell you you have a miss fire ( a spark plug did not fire))

How many crankshaft sensors does a 98 Chevy Malibu have?

Only one

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What would make a 2001 Grand Am GT only get about 4 miles and then it just stalls and wont restart for awhile could it be a bad crankshaft position sensor?

The first thing that I would check would be the Ignition Coil pack. Once they heat up they will stall the vehicle if they are faulty. Once the car cools off it will start again like there is no problem. If it was your crankshaft position sensor you wouldn`t get 4 blocks let alone 4 miles. Good luck!!

Do all engines have crankshaft sensors?

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Bought a 1988 trans am today drove it home and it died in the driveway and now it will not start found out there was no oil in it and now it only clicks when trying to start it motor have seized up?

if i had a guess i would say yes. try turning the crankshaft pully to make sure

Where is the crankshaft positon sensor located on a 2006 Mitsubishi eclipse?

It's located next to the crankshaft pulley (the timing belt is going around it). You will not miss it. There is only one sensor there.

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