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After replacing the struts, CV joints, tie-rod ends etc....the noise is still there. I found it's actually the top strut bearing plate that wears out. They are available at some auto parts. ....this is the source of the noise....

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2006-08-16 17:01:06
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Q: What would make a loud clunk noise in a passenger side front tire when turning right?
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What would make a loud clunk noise in a passenger side front tire when turning left?

If you operate a front wheel drive vehicle, the clunking noise you hear may be a CV joint bearing going bad.

What causes a clunk noise when turning?

You have either run something over or your car is due for a service

What would cause 94 explorer front clunk?

It depends on when you hear the noise, but it likely a joint in the front wheel drive unit.

How do you know if somthing is wrong with your front passenger axel 2003 Pontiac Aztec?

if you have a bad axle they will usually make a clicking noise when turning

What makes a knock or clunk noise when braking in crv front right?

Worn out bushing or steering joint probably.

What could cause a knocking noise on front passenger side of car when turning?

mine doing the same when turning been to garage could be broke spring or strut top bearing .

Noise front right tire?

when turning or when ridin?

2001 ford f250 front axle noise clunk on braking and a clunk when I go into 4x4 on fly.?

Don't switch on the fly, that's just stupid. You'll need a whole system overhaul.

What can cause a clunk noise in the front of a 2002 ford escape?

lower control arm bushings are worn also stabilizer pins Had my replaced at about $570.00

There is a clunking noise coming from the right passenger side of my 1999 Chevy Malibu what could it be?

that is either your front right wheel bearing or your coil spring is turning need new suspension..$$$$

What causes a thumping noise in the front right wheel when turning?


Squealing noise in wheel when turning?

A Geo Metro is a front wheel drive vehicle. When a squealing noise occurs when the wheel is turning, it can be an indication of damage to the CV joints.

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