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What would make a radio change stations when listening to it and when the radio is turned off the speakers crack?


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Connecting speaker leads to both right outputs, A&B, will only play the right channel of the sound (in mono) when both pairs of speakers, A and B are turned on. This won't damage the amplifier or speakers, but you won't be listening in stereo.

You can hear it if the music is turned up loud enough. :)But you need to have a radio to listen to music from a radio station because they do not have big speakers outside of many radio stations anymore.

My guess is you either turned the speakers up too loud and blew them, one of the wires came loose, or on your CD player/head unit you have the back speakers turned off. you can check the wires by looking through the trunk.

Radio stations turned to local programing of news, weather, music, and community issues.

That depends on whether or not your computer has speakers. If it does, then unplug your headphones, plug in the speakers, and make sure your volume is turned up. If you don't have speakers, then there is no way to do have sound without headphones other than to buy speakers. Most desktops have speakers built in to them, though.

You can turn on your monitor's speakers by inserting the audio jack into its audio-in port. If no audio is heard, ensure your computer's system volume is turned up.

it could maybe roll down if you are parked on a high hill. thanks for listening!

Try some troubleshooting such as: 1) Make sure the speaker volume is turned up on the speakers if they have an audio knob on the speakers. 2) Make sure the speaker volume on the Task Bar is turned up and not muted. 3) If they are external speakers attached to the computer, make sure the power is on. 4) Make sure the cables connecting the speakers to the computer are attached. 5) Download the latest audio drivers from the maker of the speakers. 6) If you are playing a game, check in the game options to see that sound is enabled. That's all I can think of atm, good luck.

There are some possible causes:no sound card in hardwareno sound drivers in operating system or drivers are corruptedno speakers or headphonesspeakers are turned offspeakers volume is at a minimal levelsound volume in software mixer is at a minimal level

1) The fact that you turned the volume up.2) A change in the signal emitted by the radio station. 3) The conditions for listening improved; for some reason, there is less interference.

Make sure your speakers work, and that what ever you are trying to listen to has the volume turned up.

well, they should work. maybe you just have the volume turned off.

The sound on your computer could be muted or turned way down. Your sound card could be defective. Your speakers could not be connected or your computer may not recognize your speakers. It might be a setting on the game itself.

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Make sure that the speaker cable is connected to your computer, your volume on the speakers is turned up and the volume on your computer is turned up. Make sure that no mute options are enabled. If you still can't hear sound, try using another program that plays sound.

Check first if speakers are plugged in and turned on and if they are muted.

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Make sure that:1. You have installed the driver for your sound card.2. Your speakers are plugged into the correct jack, have power, and are turned up.3. The sound mixer in Windows is turned up.

The acc switch in an automobile is an accessory switch. It is used for listening to the radio or other electronic equipment in the car with the engine turned off.

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