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What would make a transmission not work in the forward gears?

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a faulty torque converter, faulty fluid pump, broken input shaft, worn forward band/Worn clutches/Low fluid level

2005-11-02 06:11:08
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Why does my 1993 Voyager that drive in all gears forward but not in reverse?

It sounds like your transmission is on the way out. Have you checked the fluid? Make sure that's full and clean. This model van has a picky transmission, so make sure you use the recommended fluid.

Why would the automatic transmission not work in forward gears on a 1998 Ford Taurus?

AnswerThe transmission is damaged, You will need to take the vehicle to a ford dealership to have the transmission replaced, or fixed. 9 times out of 10 it is cheaper and more reliable to just replace the transmission. My 1996 Ford Taurus Had the same problem in 1997 then again in 1998. Taurus transmissions tend to tear up easily if abused. Make sure that your not grinding gears. Make a full stop then change gears when backing, or vise versa. Also, Check the Transmission fluid levels at least once a month. Also make sure that whenever parking the vehicle that you use the parking brake. The automatic transmission should NOT be used as a braking device!Answer:The most common problem with this transmission is the forward control valveit cost about $10.00 and 3 hours to put in.--Formatted--

Why does the shift lever move freely but the transmission does not shift into any gears?

The year, make and model info would help.

What would make 1995 dodge caravan SE not shift gears after it was in drive?

a blown transmission they are known for that expect a $1200 rebuild

What can you do to make a 1990 bronco auto transmission shift gears?

drop the transmission pan and change the fluid and trans filter

How can you make your transmission change gears smother?

use trans tune made by seafoam

Ford Automatic has reverse no forward?

Make sure transmission fluid level is correct Bad transmission pump?

Why does transmission make clunk noise when sifting gears?

You need to use the clutch and the shifter smoothly together!

Why does the 05 impala shift hard when switching gears?

The most common reason for an automobile transmission to shift hard is low transmission fluid. Make sure the transmission fluid is at the appropriate level.

What causes your transmission to make grinding sounds on a 96 cutlass?

Low or bad transmission oil, bad transmission solenoid, vacuum line issues, worn transmission gears, bad torque converter.. all possible reasons.

On a F350 diesel truck how do i know if it is the transmission or something else when it won't pull in none of the gears.?

have someone change gears, while not running, and make sure the linkage from the gear lever, whether automatic or not, is moving the linkage for the transmission itself. if the linkage is moving on the trasmission, then its probably in the tranny. also make sure the drive shaft is working (runs from the transmission to the rear differential).

Where are sliding gears used?

Sliding Gears in a transmission are straight-tooth spur gears with a taper (also known as a lead) to make engaging easier. Helical gears are mostly used in a transmission because spur gears produce gear noise and have a great strain on the teeth of the gear since only one tooth can be in contact at any given time. But because helical gears cannot be taken out of mesh, spur gears are used for the reverse gear because reverse spins the opposite way and cannot be in constant mesh.

What would make you have no gears in your transmission an hour after you parked it?

sounds like one of the valves in the valve body is sticking when it gets hot (metal expands). Sounds like a Ford automatic overdrive to me.

Why is transmission not shifting gears in 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Make sure it is not just a sensor. Jeeps tend to have problems with sensors.

Are gears compound machines?

No. Gears are a type of simple machine. Combined with another simple machine, it would then make a compound machine.

Why does the transmission shifter move in all gears but car goes nowhere?

A problem with several causes. First i would check and make sure that all the linkages were working between the shifter and the transmission. most of the time,there may be a loose bolt or missing pin on the linkage. if all of that is o.k., check fluid levels to make sure it is full. If all that is o.k., you probably need to see about a transmission or transmission repair.

Where is the transmission gear box?

That is a manual transmission ( what the gearshift is connected to ) and it contains different sized gears that make the vehicle go faster by allowing an increase in the transfer of rpm from engine to driveshaft speed.

How do you fix automatic transmission that goes in drive but not in reverse in a 94 KIA Sephia Ls?

I would think it would be a stuck solenoid, it allows the fluid to run to your drum that hold the clutchs and compresses them together to make the gears move with the shaft

What causes automatic transmission slowly engaging?

It needs a transmission oil and filter change or a transmission additive to make the gears not stick so it shifts easier. Or could need both if its an older transmission. You can buy the additive at Walmart or any auto parts store.

What would make transmission slip when turning left on a 92 tempo?

What would make my transmission slip on a Dodge truck when turning left

What is the difference between 4.56 gears and 4.88 gears?

A very basic way to look at it is this..... With 4.56 gears, the driveshaft will have to turn 4.56 times in order for your tires to make one full rotation. With 4.88 gears, your driveshaft will have to go around 4.88 times for your tires to make one full rotation. Basically, the higher the number, the more rotations the driveshaft will make. On a 10 speed bike, you would climb a steep hill in 1st gear.... lots of pedaling to get the rear tire to move- it would move slowly, but you would have lots of hill climbing power. 4.88 gears would be similar to 1st gear on a 10 speed bike.... 4.56 gears would be similar to 2nd gear....4.10 gears would be similar to 3rd gear....etc.

Does the gears change when you connect a trailer?

The gearbox/transmission doesn't know that you've hooked ona trailer - so, no. But towing the trailer will make the engine work harder, so you'll probably be using lower gears more.

How do you know if the transmission is going bad on a 1999 Honda Accord?

You might start to notice the transmission going bad when it DOESN'T CHANGE GEARS!!!! That's usually a good sign. Or it may make a GRINDING sound.

What would make the transmission on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am jerk when changing gears in automatic?

the only solution that you can affect at home is to check fluid level, and change the fluid and filter this should be done about every 30,000 miles, all other issues need to be dealt with by a reputable transmission specialist.

Can you turn off blood and cursing on gears of war 3?

no that would make it boring