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a faulty torque converter, faulty fluid pump, broken input shaft, worn forward band/Worn clutches/Low fluid level

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Q: What would make a transmission not work in the forward gears?
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Why does my 1993 Voyager that drive in all gears forward but not in reverse?

It sounds like your transmission is on the way out. Have you checked the fluid? Make sure that's full and clean. This model van has a picky transmission, so make sure you use the recommended fluid.

Why does the shift lever move freely but the transmission does not shift into any gears?

The year, make and model info would help.

What would make 1995 dodge caravan SE not shift gears after it was in drive?

a blown transmission they are known for that expect a $1200 rebuild

Why would the automatic transmission not work in forward gears on a 1998 Ford Taurus?

AnswerThe transmission is damaged, You will need to take the vehicle to a ford dealership to have the transmission replaced, or fixed. 9 times out of 10 it is cheaper and more reliable to just replace the transmission. My 1996 Ford Taurus Had the same problem in 1997 then again in 1998. Taurus transmissions tend to tear up easily if abused. Make sure that your not grinding gears. Make a full stop then change gears when backing, or vise versa. Also, Check the Transmission fluid levels at least once a month. Also make sure that whenever parking the vehicle that you use the parking brake. The automatic transmission should NOT be used as a braking device!Answer:The most common problem with this transmission is the forward control valveit cost about $10.00 and 3 hours to put in.--Formatted--

What can you do to make a 1990 bronco auto transmission shift gears?

drop the transmission pan and change the fluid and trans filter

How can you make your transmission change gears smother?

use trans tune made by seafoam

What would make 13 double over transmission not go in low gears?

There are several reasons that your 13 double over transmission will not go into gear. The most common reason for the transmission not going into gear is the shifting linkage is disconnected.

Ford Automatic has reverse no forward?

Make sure transmission fluid level is correct Bad transmission pump?

Why does transmission make clunk noise when sifting gears?

You need to use the clutch and the shifter smoothly together!

Why does the 05 impala shift hard when switching gears?

The most common reason for an automobile transmission to shift hard is low transmission fluid. Make sure the transmission fluid is at the appropriate level.

What causes your transmission to make grinding sounds on a 96 cutlass?

Low or bad transmission oil, bad transmission solenoid, vacuum line issues, worn transmission gears, bad torque converter.. all possible reasons.

Where are sliding gears used?

Sliding Gears in a transmission are straight-tooth spur gears with a taper (also known as a lead) to make engaging easier. Helical gears are mostly used in a transmission because spur gears produce gear noise and have a great strain on the teeth of the gear since only one tooth can be in contact at any given time. But because helical gears cannot be taken out of mesh, spur gears are used for the reverse gear because reverse spins the opposite way and cannot be in constant mesh.

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