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What would make a washer on a stackable unit not work if the dryer does?

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Does the washer not work at all, or does it just not work when it's trying to rinse? It may be a lid switch. If the washer does not work at all, it may be the timer. Pull the timer from the unit and check to see if any of the "fingers" are stuck, sticking, or burnt. If so, change it. The timer is the "Brains" of the washer... it tells it when to start, cycle, & stop. Sounds to me like this is more than likely your problem. The washer allowed water to be drawn in and then went to "L".

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Where can I find stackable washer dryer combos?

It should be possible to find stackable washer dryer combos at any electrical store that sells household appliances. Not all manufactures make them but there are a good number available.

How To Properly Install A Stackable Washer and Dryer Unit In Your Home?

Determine Where You Will Place Your Stackable Washer and Dryer The most important step to installing a stackable washer and dryer unit is to determine where the unit will be placed. You will need to measure out the area that you would like to install the stackable washer and dryer appliance. There must be a hot and cold water connection, drain and adequate watt outlet for your washer and dryer unit. For space saving ideas, some people install the washer in closets, bathrooms and other small areas. This is fine as long as there is enough space for safety and proper usage. You will need to give consideration to the doorway areas, ceiling clearances and whether or not closet doors will need to be removed to fit the unit in. Consideration should be given to whether or not there is enough clearnace for the washer and dryer doors to open fully without ruining the unit or surrounding doors or walls. Measure the door ways that your unit must pass through to get to your desired installation destination within your home. Read Installation Instructions Thoroughly Before you begin installing your stackable washer and dryer unit, you should read through the manufacturer’s installation instructions that will come with your unit. Make sure that all of the packaging that may be stored within the washer and dryer is completely removed prior to using. Not doing this can cause damage to the stackable washer and dryer unit. Installation and Connection of Washer To begin the installation of your new washer, you will have to connect both the hot and cold water lines to the machine. The standard hose valves of the washer should be connected with the filter washer screens facing outward. Attach the water hoses to the water supply lines. Hand tighten the washers on the water hoses. Using a pair of pliers finish tightening the hoses with a %C2%BC inch turn. Never over tight then hoses or washer, check for leaks in your lines and the water supply pipes before pushing the unit into place. Your drain hose for the washer should be 2 inches in diameter and should be designed to fit within the standard 2 inch drain pipe. The drain hose should have a trap that is build in and located in a higher position than the water level will reach. Installing the Dryer to your Stackable Unit You should allow four inches of clearance behind your dryer unit for venting when installing the dryer. To connect the dryer’s exhaust system, you will need aluminum pipe with wrap joints and duct tape. Plastic vents and metals screws should not be used on the vent joints. When constructing your dryer venting system, use as straight and short of a pattern that you can. You will need to drill your vent hole. Using tin strips, cut your venting down to the proper size needed. It is very important to adjust the legs on your washer and dryer unit when necessary to level the appliance correctly. This will help to prevent damage being done to your stackable washer and dryer unit. You will need to slide or walk your unit into its desired location.

Who makes a steam washer and dryer combo?

GE, Kenmore, LG and Whirlpool all make steam washer/dryer combos.

Is the only reason for the Whirlpool LTE5243D 3.4 CuFt. Electric Washer/Dryer Combo being stackable to take up less space, and isnt that dangerous?

No it's not really dangerous but you could make it qukae safe by bolting it down.

How do you make someone do ypur dirty work?

escort them to your washer/dryer area

Does LG make any stackable washing machine & dryer models?

LQ does indeed have about 4-5 different sets of stackable washers and dryers. You can see all of them on their website:

Does lg make a washer and dryer combo that fit into small spaces?

LG does offer a washer/dryer combo with a 22lb capacity for $1749.94.,default,pd.html?cgid=Appliances-Laundry-Combo_Washer_Dryers However, if this still seems like it would be too large for your needs, you may want to consider a different brand. The Haier washer/dryer combo has a 13lb capacity and is much smaller. It is $798.99.,default,pd.html?cgid=Appliances-Laundry-Combo_Washer_Dryers

What is the best washer and dryer combo for the cheapest price?

LG make excellent washer and dryer combo units that work exceptionally well according to reviews and are still economical to run, and well priced. They can be purchased from Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon.

Do they make washer drier combos where it washes and dries in the same chamber?

They do make washer and dryer combos in the same chamber; LG has the most popular, Summit and Aniston have also started to break into the market.

How much does a washer and dryer set weigh?

The weight varies by make and model, however you can expect a washer and dryer set to have a combined weight of roughly 300 pounds (136 kg). According to, the weight of their top-selling washer (Samsung Model #WF365BTBGWR) is 172 lbs while the weight of their top selling dryer (Admiral Model #AED4675YQ) is 117 lbs.

How do you make your socks smaller?

Wash them in the washer...for a really long time. Then put them in the dryer...for A REALLY LONG TIME (If its white)

What is a word you can make from these letters eltabscka?


Can a washing machine run on propane?

A dryer certainly can, and the hot water supplied to the washer can, but a washing machine runs on electricity, so you would need to have a generator that runs on propane to make this a reality.

A washer and a dryer cost 728 combined The washer costs 78 more than the dryer What is the cost of the dryer?

You need two equations to do this. The first is 2x+78=728. The other is x+78=y. In both equations "x" is equal to the price of the dryer and "y" is equal to the price of the washer. We know that the washer costs 78 more than the dryer. The math goes like this. 2x + 78 = 728 (first equation) 2x + 78 - 78 = 728 - 78 (subtract 78 from both sides) 2x = 650 (new equation) 2x / 2 = 650 / 2 (divide both sides by 2) x = 325 (dryer costs 325) Now we have a value for "x" and can complete the second equation x + 78 = y (second equation) 325 + 78 = y (substitute known value for x) 403 = y (washer costs 403) Now we check to make sure that we did it correctly x + y = 728 (dryer + washer = 728) 325 + 403 = 728 (substitute known values for x and y) 728 = 728 (we did it correctly) The dryer costs 325 and the washer costs 403

Why would a clothes dryer make a lot of noise?

Because your dryer probably needs a belt.

What is the cost for a washer and dryer hookup installed?

The place you buy if from may do it for free, if new, or charge a small fee of $50-100.oo or less. If you hire a handy man that could vary. Both appliances come with directions how to hook up. The washer is easier than the dryer. You have a hot and cold line that connects from the washer to the spickets behind the washer, they are marked on the hoses. There is another hose that goes in the back of the washer that goes to the same spot that drains the water out on the spin cycle and a plug. On the dryer there is a plug and the vent hose that goes from the back of the dryer to the vent hole in the floor or wall. Takes less than an hour to do both. This is IF you have hook-ups already in place for a washer and dryer. If not, the costs are going to be a lot more significant. The cost depends on where you are putting the washer and dryer. If plumbing and electrical lines are close by it might run you about $400-500 for everything. (water lines to the washer, drain for the washer, electrical to the dryer and vent for dryer) However, it can be several hundred dollars more if you need to run plumbing and electrical lines significant distances (20 ft or more). To make it the cheapest possible, pick a location where water lines and an electrical box are less than 10 ft away. Also, if you do it yourself, you can save a lot of money and might only spend $100-200 in materials.

How do you unshrink clothing?

Clothes will stretch to a point in the washer, so wash the clothes you shrunk. Than when they are done in the washer take them out and stretch them. Pull on the material to make it stretch and don't put it back in the dryer let them air dry.

How can you make your dock lines more pliable?


What could be the problem if your Whirlpool Dryer Duet is not heating?

The first thing I would check is to make sure that lint filter in the dryer is cleaned out. The next would be to make sure that the dryer vent to the outside is clear. If it is clogged, the air flow will prevent it from warming up.

How much cooper is in a washer and dryer?

There is no cooper in a washer or dryer, but they both contain small amounts of copper. Maybe between the both dependig on age they may contain a few ounces or so. The motoers are worth about 2$ or 3$ whole. Might make a few dollars more if you tore them apart but that could take hours and requires tools

How do you stop your washer dryer fuse from blowing?

If a dryer is really not good to begin with, nothing you can do can stop it from getting damaged. But one way to prevent the dryer fuse from blowing is by ensuring that it is hooked to the right connection. Make sure the voltage is right. Avoid overloading the electricity socket. Clean the lint screen as well. If lint gets in the way of proper air exhaustion inside the dryer, it might overheat.

Can a penny be heated by a hair dryer?

Yes, but it all it would do is make the penny warm.

Can you make a full size washer machine into a portable washer machine?


What will happen if a positively charge rod is brought near a metal washer?

Since a metal washer is neutral, the positive rod will make all the negatively charged electrons bunch up towards the front of the washer and nearer to the rod whereas the protons in the washer would repel from the rod and move to the back of the washer.

Which washer is best for delicates?

The brand of washer does not make a difference, but you need to use the delicate cycle, which every washer has.

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