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Could be low on coolant; could need a thermostat. In either case, the car is probably going to overheat if it hasn't alreasy done so.

AnswerI am having the same problem with my 2001 Intrepid. I had the thermostat replaced and it is still blowing out cold air. I was told that it could be that I need to replace my water pump. What do you think? AnswerI've noticed sometimes if the heat is blowing cold air. I set the air to cold and then after a second or two back again.. it seems that the "brain" if there is one doesnt set the vents right if you had it in heat from before. After flopping from heat to cold and then back again it starts blowing heat for me. Other then that I'd check your coolant.. could be low, could be blocked hoses, could be blocked heater core. (possibly having it flushed I could see helping if something is restricted.) The hoses could be weak and not flowing properly to the heater core. (I havent ever looked at one on a intrepid as mine hasn't given me that probelm yet) Most of the above is previous experience from other vehicles. I don't see how a water pump could be the probelm too much without the engine having overheating probelms too. Good luck
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Q: What would make an Intrepid heater blow cold air?
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