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What would make an otherwise normal woman start to sweat a lot under her arms?


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Could be thyroid or menopause or a hormonal problem or even a approaching period. I wouldn't worry about it unless your experiencing any other symptoms. If you are then see your doctor.


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Because you are most likely fat and ugly. Get a life and your under arm will be better.

One of the appendages of the skin is the cuteneous gland. it has two categories which are the sudoriferous(sweat) gland and sebaceous(oil) gland. the causes of sweat under arms is because of its sweat gland.

The evaporation of sweating from the skin's surface cools the body to maintain a normal body temperature. Nerves of the sympathetic nervous system control the output of sweat glands to regulate how much sweat they produce. Eccrine glands, found all over the body including the armpits, secrete a watery, cooling sweat.

Potassium is a metal at normal temperatures. It has to be stored under oil otherwise it will react with oxygen in the atmosphere, possibly dangerously.

The sweat glands are more numerous under the arms, and the moisture produced there does not evaporate as quickly as on skin exposed to the air.

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anti-perspirent deodorant

Sweat is produced by the sweat glands under the skin. These are tubular glands under the epidermis of the skin. These glands are controlled by the hypothalamus (brain). When a person's body temperature rises, the temperature receptors on the skin sense it and sends the signals to the hypothalamus. This in turn makes the hypothalamus to signal the sweat glands to release sweat. This lowers the temperature of the skin and hence keeps the body cool.

Antiperspirant. With people with overactive sweat glands, you can take a prescription to reduce the amount of sweat.

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