What would make oil look milky?

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After reading through a number of links on here it seems I have to admit to a blown headgasket don't I?

you betcha. Although I have seen intake manifold gaskets do this as well. In particular the gm motor- 3.1 liter. Continued driving of this will likely kill the bottom half of the engine. DON'T DRIVE IT!!!

Thanks Paul, it was a gasket. My mechanic is away for another ten days which is just killing me!

The other mechanic I took it to told me there was no harm in driving it but I didnt really believe that so I found a Ford forum and posted there. The reply was similar to yours plus a few other problems that could happen if I continue to drive it.

I hope I haven't ruined it already.

Anyone wanna buy a car?

Jo, While your waiting for your mechanic, drain your oil, leave the plug out overnight. Put the plug back in add 2 quarts of oil to flush some residue out, and drain again. Re-istall the plug again and add 4 quarts of fresh oil. You should not be running it at all. When your guy is back have it towed there. And ahh.. No Thanks on the "new car"!

Well, I live pretty far up north, and I see alot of that (oil looking milky) that can be from water in the oil. I notice this happen alot in winter (well, all the time because where I live there is only 3 months real summer anyway) So it gets cold and freezes. I've seen oil look like coffee when you put the whitner in. Pretty weird, eh?

Milky OIl appearance is generally caused by condensation in an engine. This happens when you drive a short distance. The water from the crank case is not burned off. This is normal. Just get her good and hot and this should cure your worries. I know that this is a scary sight because you automatically think head gasket and $$$$ but if your driving habits in cold weather don't allow for a hot engine then this is your problem.

Especially on the dip stick and filler cap interior.

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Q: What would make oil look milky?
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What would make oil look milky in dirt bike?

Could be water or antifreeze getting into the oil

What if you had crack in oil pump and it made fluid milky?

A crack in your oil pump shouldn't make the fluid milky. Water mixed with oil will look milky so I suspect you have a cracked block or blown head gasket.

Could a cracked radiator make the water go into the oil line and make the oil look milky?

A cracked radiator will NOT put water in the engine and make the oil milky. A bad head gasket WILL put water in the engine and make the oil look milky. That does not neccessarily mean you have a bad engine. Have someone fix or replace the radiator and replace the head gasket. It could be a good engine for a long time yet

How would you know if your head gaskets is bad in a 1998 explorer?

You would eventually find water in the oil, or it would look milky compared to normal oil.

Milky substance on oil filler cap?

That would be moisture in the oil.

Would a blown lower intake gasket create milky oil?

yes it can water can leak into the intake valley and get into your oil resulting in milky oil

Milky engine oil?

Blown head gasket. That milky look is coolant mixed with the oil. STOP driving this vehicle until you have this repaired or you will ruin this engine.

How can you tell if antifreeze is leaking into your engine?

Look at the oil on the dipstick. If you have antifreeze leaking into the crankcase the oil will be milky.

Why would your 03 dodge caravan have milky oil but drives great?

Milky oil is water or coolant in the oil. You need to find the cause and fix it. Causes include head and intake gaskets.

Why does engine oil look milky?

Any time your engine oil is milky it means you have water in it It's got water in it from somewhere. Probably a blown headgasket. Hopefully not a cracked or warpped head.

What would make your oil pressure drop while idling. Also oil looks milky.?

You could very well have a blown head gasket. I would advise getting it to your dealer and have it checked asap.

What would motor oil look like in coolant - that is would it appear to the eye as just oil floating on surface?

It might, or it might turn the coolant white or milky or it can end up being dark brown globs.

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