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probably a loose wire or a fuse

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Where is the fuse for power windows on a 1996 Buick Century?

where is the fuse for the power window on 1996 buick century

Power window will not go up or down on my 2000 buick century try new door controller check fuse stilll not working?

Replace window regulator.

How do you replace 1998 buick century power window fuse?

Power windows are protected by a circuit breaker.

Can you use a crank window in a power window Buick Century?

The glass will be the same but check where it attaches to the lift that may be different.

1999 buick century the two back power windows stopped working yet the front windows both work how do you fix this?

Try the switch that keeps the kids from opening the back window.

Where is the power steering hose on a 1994 Buick century?

where is the power steering hose on a 1994 buick century

Where is the power window and power lock fuse located on a 1991 buick century?

its in the glove box, its the 2 big silver ones on the right side

Power steering pump Buick century?

I have a 2000 Buick Century costom and I replaced it but it leaks what could be wrong

Is there a diagram for repairing the passenger side front power window in a 1989 Buick Century?

Look at the opposite window. Driver side windows are often simalair to there opposing window. Some parts are reversed for obvious reasons.

1999 Buick Century rear power window cable may of come off its track or loose inside of its assembly and I need to know how to reattach it?

According the the Chilton's manual for this car the "power window regulator" cannot be serviced separately and "If defective, replace the regulator and motor as an assembly." But if the motors is still working, maybe someone will know how help you get the cable back into place.

Help you fix your buick window problems?

See this post for instructions and photos

Where do you add power steering fluid on a 1999 Buick century?

At the power steering reservoir.

My windows won't go up or down it will work but then it will stop for a while on my 95 buick century?

The window motors could be losing power in the 95 Century. Check the wiring and switches for any loose connections causing the problem.

How do you fix the power window cable on a 2000 Buick Lesabre?

im not so sure

Where is the powerwindow relay located?

looking for power window relay switch 1994 buick centry

Power window fuses location on 1992 buick lesabre?

power windows use auto reset circuit breakers... not fuses

How do you fix the window and the lift drive motor being disconnected?

the window is both side power is not working

How do you fix a VW power window?

If its not working check the connections and if it is working but wont go up and down then the window regulator is broken and will need to be replaced.

How do you fix a power window that wont go up on dodge ram 1500 4x4?

It is important to keep everything in a car working well. When a power window stops working, it is important to make repair it by replacing the window motor, the blown fuse or the wiring that may be causing the windows to not function. If the window can go down but not up, the power window motor and fuse are working. Check the switch for dirty contacts and/or wiring for damage.

On a 1996 infinity q45 what is wrong if your passenger side door lock and power window are not working but all the fuses are fine?

Power window module (amplifier) is not working. It is located inside the door panel.

Where is the oil filter located on a 1996 Buick Century?

Right under the power steering pump.

2002 Mercury Mountaineer Power Windows Not working?

Check the power window fuses and the relay first. If all of the windows do not work then it is a power problem with the whole window system.

How do you fix the rear power window on a 99 Saab 9-3?

To fix a rear power window on a 1999 Saab, the door panel will have to be removed to gain access to the power window motor. If the window is not working properly, it is either the motor or the cable.

1997 Seville power windows not working is there a relay or module that run them?

Usually this problem is caused because the driver side power window switch is not working because that's where the current is supplied to the other window swithces

Is there a separate fuse for each of the power windows on a 2003 Buick Century?

One fuse for entire circuit