Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer

What would make sub woofer in a Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer go out?

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2011-05-20 18:45:55

First, check your fuse. If you are not getting power to the amp,

that is probably the problem. If not the fuse, probably the


Mine went out a couple of years ago and it ended up being the

amplifier, which is located just in front of the subwoofer. It's

only a 30 or 40 watt amp, but of course none of the aftermarket

amps will just plug in without mods. Luckily I found a friend who

knew a guy at the local Ford stealership and got a new replacement

for about 75 bucks!

Be careful of trying to buy amps at junkyards. A lot of the

junkyard amps have gotten wet and no longer work.

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