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What would make the fuel pump not run on a 1988 F250?


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Blown fuse, defective fuel pump relay, or defective fuel pump.

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fualty fuel pressure reagulator or incorrect igtion timing fualty fuel pressure reagulator or incorrect igtion timing

All fuel pumps for this make ad model of vehicle are located inside the fuel tank(s). If you have one tank...you have have one pump. If you have a vehicle with two fuel tanks...then you have two. There are no external fuel pumps on this vehicle.

NO, After 1987 everything went to Fuel injection.

yes, u can make anything fit if you know what you are doing

Make sure you wait long enough for the glow plugs to charge. Check your fuel and power systems. Add a bottle of 70% alcohol to the tank to break up old or cold fuel.

I just experienced this SAME problem with my '88 and changed the Fuel Pump and Filter...and guess what, all fixed and running like a dream!

There would not be enough fuel for that.

in the middle of engine on top, open the cover then loosen filter top about a 5 inch round black piece with ridges on it take out old filter, drop in new one make sure gasket is on right directions in box,replace lid, tighten top down,then start and check for fuel leaks

Chevy trucks did not have a inertia switch. You need to check the fuel pump fuse and relay and then make sure you have power back to the fuel pump that's in the fuel tank.

replace the o rings ,make sure you lube them You have filled the oil pan full of gas DO NOT RUN THE ENGINE

Flow of fuel through the carburetor is controlled by the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) - that would be the first thing to check before trying to make any adjustments.

the gvw on a 1977 f250 8600lbs or 8800 heavy truck 10x better truck than they make today

most times you are better off just replacing them... but to fix them you will have to get a rebuild kit and pressure tester to make sure they are set right for your vehicle.

perhaps a dirty/old fuel pump, and/or dirty fuel injectors? fuel pressure? blocked fuel lines?

you need to make sure that the fuel pump is getting a full 12 volts and make sure it has a fresh fuel filter

go to the parts store and look inside the chilton manual for your make and model and it should be there.

Need to check fuel pressure with a fuel PSI. gauge. I would give you the specs. on fuel pressure, But you did not say what you are working on.I would CHECK the FUEL FILTER First. Remove it and make sure that you can blow through it. I would tell you where that is, But I don't know the year.

The fuse and relay are both located under the hood behind the passenger side headlight. If there isn't enuf pressure in the fuel system, you are probly looking at replaceing the fuel pump.

I have a 1996 f250 with a 5.8 engine. i was wondering if anyone knows how much power a 2001 f250 with a 5.4 egine makes

add coolant to f250 system thru the overflow bottle this is a plastic bottle under the hood make sure not to add to window washer bottle

If it is restricting the flow of fuel, it can cause low power.

A vacuum leak, A plugged fuel filter, A faulty fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator,

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