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What would make the oil light blink after it has been changed on a 89 Honda Accord with 259000 miles?

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2011-09-13 18:01:48
2011-09-13 18:01:48

The oil light you are talking about is prob. the low oil pressure light. Check to see if you have an oil leak anywhere and there's enough oil. A consistant oil pressure light might indicate you have a more serious problem. Best bet would be to get bring it to get a diagnostic reading to see exactly where it would be losing pressure.

Answeri own a 89 Honda accord dx, after i get my oil changed professionally, i have to add oil every week or so until it is time for me to change it again. Once they get so many miles on them i have heard from several people, you must constantly add of the downfalls to having a car that gets over 30 miles to the gallon eh. AnswerI had a 1989 Accord with a similar problem. I had recently changed the oil but the oil light started blinking.

I checked things out and I couldn't find anything wrong.

OUCH!! I learned the hard way that the oil light only blinks when the engine isn't getting enough oil. In my case, some gunk in the oil pan had broken loose and was plugging up the oil pump. Unfortunately, I blew my engine.

If your oil light is blinking, I wouldn't drive your car any further or else you could be in for a heap of trouble.

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