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That happened in my 1983 Mercury Villager and the problem was a blown circuit on the A/C circuit board. I soldered it and it worked. I found this solution online but I don't have the URL. Sorry. You have to remove the A/C unit from your dashboard and you'll find the circuit board there. The blown circuit will be near the corner of the board. Good luck!

I had the same problem, I went to the link below and clicked on topics. You'll find a detailed fix that costs nothing, worked perfect for me. Good luck.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-28 23:10:50
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Q: What would make the rear ac quit working all of a sudden The fuses are fine?
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All of a sudden the power windows in your 2005 Chevy Impala stopped working everything else in the car is working fine except for that what is the problem?

Fuses or the power window relays.

Your driving lights on your 2000 Gold Wing stopped working all of a sudden What could be wrong The fuses are fine?

Check wiring harnesses - prone to corrosion

Toyota Starlet clock interior light and dash board are not working fuses are fine?

You say the fuses are fine, i have just had the same problem. is your radio/headunit also not working??? And have you checked the fuses under the bonnet aswell as in the drivers footwell. I just replaced some of my fuses and it worked fine. Make sure your inginttion is off whilst removing/replacing fuses.(unless testing to see if it worked) Hope this helped!

Why would the ignition all of a sudden lock on a 1988 BMW 7-Series when all the electrical systems seemed to be working fine?


Cruise control buttons on steering wheel just quit working all of a sudden fuses are fine on 88 gt?

The problem could be vaccum related. Check if the air vents in the dash still blow air. If not, it's possibly a vaccum problem

On a 02 Cavalier Z-24 turn signals hazards brake lights and power door lock don't work then all of a sudden they do then stop working again the fuses relays and grounds are fine?

what about the fusiable links? if not u got a cut wire or bad conectin

Why would your radio in your 1999 Grand AM SE stop working when it hasn't been tampered with the fuses are fine and was working 20 minutes prior?

Sounds stupid but I've been guilty of the power knob pushed in & volume up?

The rear defooger is not working in my 85 masda 626 but all the fuses look fine what else can i check?

check out the relay

Ford Expedition 2001 head light replacement?

My headlights are not working after going thru a car wash. Bulbs and fuses fine.

What happens if your water pump freezes?

Our water pump isn't working the fuses are fine and the electrician said it was frozen somewhere, how do we fix it?

Why did headlights stop working on 95 Tahoe but all other lights still work fine?

There are individuak fuses for each headlight

Your brake lights and blinkers stopped working but the fuses are all ok Any suggestions on what it might be?

Presumably if both stopped working at the same time the bulbs are okay, but worth checking. The fuses might be fine but the actual connection between wires might be loose/disconnected.

Your ac is not working and the light on the switch on the dash board does not come on you checked the fuses it seems fine?

you might not have enough refregerant in the a/c system

What does it mean if your headlights went out on a 1998 Toyota corolla?

I would check the fuses. if all fuses look okay then check the wiring. if the wiring looks fine i would recommend taking it to a shop.

The headlights stopped working on your 1991 Acclaim The bulbs are good the fuses are fine and when you flash them they're fine Any ideas?

Replace the headlight switch. Be sure to use a qualitypart.

On a 1996 infinity q45 what is wrong if your passenger side door lock and power window are not working but all the fuses are fine?

Power window module (amplifier) is not working. It is located inside the door panel.

2005 P T Cruiser Touring Edition The tail lights and the brake lights all of a sudden quit working you have checked the fuses inside the car and under the hood All look fine Any ideas to what happened?

bad ground will kill everything. check ground wire trace it from lens back to locate stud in body.

Trailer tow tail lights on a 2002 not working fuse seems fine but all fuses are mixed up in panel?

Ford has a separate fuse and panel for the trailer lights. In 2002? they incorporated these fuses in with the main fuse panel I believe. Prior to 2002 these fuses were in the power distribution box under the hood. I would start looking for a 7.5 amp or 10 amp mini-fuse.

On a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu the instrument lights are not working and the fuses are fine. What could be wrong?

Check the panel lights resistor switch and be sure that they are not turned off.

Why the brake lights on your 2001 transit would stop working but no visible fuses have blown and all the other electrics are fine?

* Brake light switch * Detached wire somewhere * Dead short to ground in the wiring * Bulb socket corroded

1990 ford thunder-bird heater and ac quit working and the fuses are fine?

check the relays.If it doesnt blow air at all then check the blower relay or fuse

Your 1995 Aurora Heat and air conditioning stopped working The fuses are fine but it wont blow any airconditioning or heat?

check the blower motor resistor it may be burned out

Why isn't your brake lights working on your 1996 Mazda protoge fuse is fine bulbs are fine brake switch is fine.?

If all that is working it might be a short in you wiring. I would recomend checking by the light socket.

How do you repair the dome light if it is not working?

it could be a fuse or a wiring problem check the fuses under the dash and under the hood and if all are fine check your wiring check all the fuses under the dash and hood and if there all good it might be wiring problem or the bulb

Why does your 2003 Ford Explorer's brake lights not work but the bulbs and fuses are fine?

If the bulbs and fuses are fine, it must be your brake light switch attached to the arm on your brake pedal.