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What would make the tailpipe sooty on a 95 Saturn SW1?

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2008-06-07 18:35:20
2008-06-07 18:35:20

Many different reasons mainly related to the engine burning excessive fuel. Here are a few items that may cause this to happen: o2 sensor, air filter, injector(s), fuel pressure, throttle position sensor, map sensor and others.

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I would check and make sure that isn't just water. Condensation occurs on the inside of the tailpipe as the vehicle warms up... If you had gasoline coming into your tailpipe you would experience backfiring, extreme backfiring.

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Often that can be the result of a sticking injector that puts too much fuel into the engine. The fuel will eventually burn somewhere, and that may be when it comes out the exhaust.

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No, the engine exhaust is what comes out of the tailpipe.

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