What would make two people move in together after only knowing each other 2 or 3 months?

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2006-07-22 17:09:53

Sometimes, we are so rapped up in pleasing ourselves that we

don't seek God for the right mate or spouse. If we do this thing we

are bound to get ourselves in trouble. Sometimes a person can hid

their true selves up to six months. So therefore a person can think

that they see what they want in another person, but all the time,

the other party is providing what they think you may want.

Therefore they person falls in love with a false person and sooner

or later, their true colors come out. And another reason we move

someone into our home is because we truly don;t love ourselves the

way we should. If you truly love yourselve, then you will make that

person wait until the both of you are married before you move them


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