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sounds like the weep hole , time for new water pump ?
It's not the waterpumb, the problem was the part the water pump mounts to. It look like it might have been dropped or hit with a hard tool during installation. The hole is a broken edge of that part, making a broken seal so it needs to be welded or sodder to work correctly. ?
It could also be a block or head freeze out plug that is old or damaged. They are very inexpensive and fairly easy to install. To remove an old one, use a hammer and screwdriver and pick one edge and punch it in. Use a pair of pliers and pull it back out sideways or drill a hole through the center and use a dent puller slide and pull that way. To install a new one, find a socket that fits inside of it almost perfectly and as carefully as possible, tap the new one in as straight as you can. Clean the inner surface first with steel wool to remove any deposits and give the new one a good seal.
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Q: What would make water shoot from a hole on the engine block behind the water pump?
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On a 1991 Chevy cheyanne is the water pump behind the fan?

behind fan,bolted to front of engine block

Where is the water pump on a 1995 Chevy Silverado?

It is located behind the fan and mounted to the engine block with 4 bolts.

Where can you find the engine size on a 78 Chevrole Impala?

On the engine block on the top front just behind the water pump on a machined surface the code will be stamped.

How do you change the water plug located behind engine block on a 1991 silverado v6?

There is 2 of them in the back of the engine. You will have to pull the engine are remove the transmission and fly-wheel to get to them. It is what ever is the easiest for you.

Does water remain in engine block when cars not running?

There is coolant in the engine block when the engine is not running. The engine block, heater, hoses and radiator remain full when engine is not running.

What is wrong when water is leaking behind the water pump where it connects to the block after you have already replaced it with a new water pump?

If the cork gaskets are not damaged then the engine block may be cracked. Check to see that the cork gaskets are indeed in place and not damaged.

What Locks up an engine?

Lack of water in you engine block. Lack of oil in your engine block. Can cause piston siege.

When cleaning the exterior of an engine block can cold water make an engine block crack when the engine is at operating temperature?

It should not

Where is the thermostat on a 1990 Nissan 240 Sx?

it is on the front of the engine block behind the fan. looking at the car from the front it is to the left of the water pump. there will be a three bolt adapter going from the engine block to the radiator. by removing the three bolts you will find the thermostat there.

Where is the water pump on a 1992 buick park avenue located?

Passenger side bolted right to the center of the engine block behind the serpentine belt.

What do you need to do when water freezes in car?

As in the engine? Don't attempt to start it. Water expands when it freezes. If the water in your engine block has frozen there is a good possibility that damage has been done to the block.

Where is the water pump on Lincoln markviii 1994?

On the front of the engine in the middle of the engine block.

Will water crack a engine block?

Yes. You can freeze the water, making it expand, or you can add cold water to a hot engine, shocking the block. You prevent freezing with antifreeze. You prevent shock by never adding water to a hot engine. If there is enough water in the engine to have the water pump provide circulation, you can add water SLOWLY, but you should really only add water to a hot engine when there is very little to add.

Does water stay in engine block when cars not running?


Water loss out of bottom of engine fiat punto?

Water loss out the bottom of the engine on a Fiat Punto is an indication of a leaking radiator, radiator hose, or engine block. Most repairs are relatively easy, but the block is a severe issue.

Where is the water pump in a Mercury Mountaineer1999?

The water pump is bolted to the front of the engine behind the engine cooling fan

Coolant flows from the engine block into the through the coolant jacket?

Kind of. There are water jackets inside the engine block and usually the heads of a liquid-cooled engine Water (or coolant) will either flow from the block to the head to the radiator, or from the radiator through the head to the block (a reverse flow design). The latter is better because it cools the heads first and helps prevent detonation. It also reduces thermal shock to the engine block.

Why water won't hold in engine in Chevy Malibu?

Cracked block?

How do you get the water out of the engine block for a Chevy Blazer?

Assuming this is a 4.3 engine, remove the block coolant drain plugs. There is one on each side of the block. The passenger side is towards the front of the block and the drivers side is towards the back.

What can cause water in the engine block in a Chevy 4.3 liter engine?

most likely an intake gasket

Could pouring cold water on an overheated engine cause the engine block to crack?

Most definitely.

What happens to a car engine when it over heats?

crack the engine block and oil mixes with water or antifreeze.

What causes the engine block to crack?

Lack of anti-freeze in sub-freezing temperatures. The water in the block freezes and expands.

Does water stay in engine block when car's not running?

Yes, coolant is in the block, heater, hoses and radiator all the time.

How does antifreeze help you in your engine block?

Antifreeze helps by not allowing the coolant to freeze and possibly crack the water passages of the block.