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it fertile grass available for farmers and exc...

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Why is it dangerous to live in the ring of fire?

It can be dangerous because there are many active volcanoes in the Ring of Fire. The numerous plate boundaries also make it prone to earthquakes.

What would make you want to avoid living on the ring of fire?

The danger of natural disasters, like earthquakes.

What is the ring of fire and why are there so many in the area?

The ring of fire is a half oval. Around the rim a ring of volcanoes.the ring of fire is around the pacific ocean. I know because i did a project on this in 5th grade. The reason there are so many is because the volcanoes make up the ring of fire.and because god wanted them like that

How does the amount of water affect the make up of lava?

if there is more water then the lava would be chunkier like the stratovolcanos around the ring of fire.

Which continents make up the Ring of Fire?

Most of the continets that surround the pacific ocean.

What is the name of the volcano that is currently active?

there are many volcanoes that are currently active depending on which country you were talking about. the ring of fire in the pacific ocean for example all the volcanoes the make the ring of fire are active.

How do you make ring of fire in pocket god?

Put all the jelly fish together and they should form a ring and you just put the pigmy in:)

What would happen if you mixed fire with oxygen?

it would make the fire get bigger

What material would an eternity ring need to be made from in order to live up to its name?

The material needed to make a ring in order for it to be called an "eternity ring" would require the stone amethyst. Amethyst is purple in color and is very commonly found throughout earth mainly in Brazil.

Johnny cash - ring of fire?

What that doesn't make sense? Yes he wrote and sang that song!

Where do ring-tailed lemurs live and what sounds do they make?

Ring-tailed lemurs live in southern and south-western Madagascar. They make many vocalizations, from soft purrs to loud howls. Many of their vocalizations can be found on Wikipedia.

Is Electricity the greatest invention?

no that would have to be transportation. we could easily live without electricity. just make a fire and cook your food over that

What do you do to get the squid god on pocket god?

To do the final hint for it drag all the squids together to make the ring of fire.

Why is a ring of fire important?

It all depends on where you're coming from in this question. Metaphorically speaking, a ring a fire could be thousands of different things, from being "trapped" in a ring of fire, (you've been tricked into a corner and there's no way out) to being able to jump through the ring of fire (meeting a challenge head on and doing it). Rings of fire in circus have no importance really except to make things a little more suspenseful. Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire is important really only if you like him. And the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean refers to the tectonic Oceanic Plate boundary which causes earthquakes and volcanoes in all areas around it's subduction zone which includes California, Hawaii, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, and western South America.

Does the Ring of Fire work on a non-member's server on runescape?

No, unfortaunalty but it doesnt make a huge difference anyways

How do you make a wedding ring larger?

You would have to go to a jewelry store to have your ring made large. They will take into consideration the design of the ring and they can only make the ring about two times larger and no more or it may ruin the design of the ring. Seek out jewelers and get the best price for sizing your ring and they will let you know if it can be done or not.

Can a cigarette start a deck fire?

YEs, it might catch on a piece of clothing or something, then the fire on the clothing would make other things catch on fire YEs, it might catch on a piece of clothing or something, then the fire on the clothing would make other things catch on fire

Where do volcanoes can eruped?

well, volcanoes are located everywhere. so, in something called the ring of fire, which is the ring of volcanoes around the world, wherever they are located, that's where they erupt. MAKE SENSE? XD

Did the Romans make fire?

Yes. It would be hard to name a civilization that hasn't made fire.

What prophesy did the 3 Fates make about Meleager?

That he would live as long as a log in the fire that his mother Althaea was sitting beside was intact - i.e., if the log finished burning, Meleager would die.

Do you have to wait until you pay a ring off to actually get the ring?

No you do not have to pay off the ring to get the ring. You have to make a down payment to get the ring after that you just make payments.

Can you make your gold ring silver?

No, you can not make a gold ring into a silver ring. RuneScape does not have any silver rings you can make or wear.

What hungry friend did Brian make in hatchet?

It was the fire, because the fire would be burning up everything brian would be giving it therefore it would be eating for the fire, and Brian would be recieveing food if he were to cook anything on the fire. Making "the hungry friend" the fire that he created.

Can you use hair rubber bands to make a rainbow loom ring?

You can, but it would be difficult, loose, and I would recommend making a small single chain on your fingers to serve as a ring.

How much would it cost to buy a 2 carat diamond cushion cut ring?

A 2 carat diamond cushion cut ring would make a beautiful engagement ring. The price of such a ring would vary from jeweler to jeweler; however, one could expect to pay from around $450 upwards.