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is this moving when mobile , over bumps? check engine mounts, gear box mounts and also check that clutch slave cylander is secure and not loose

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Brake fluid is running down the clutch pedal and when you mash the pedal the pedal remains on the floor?

Actually if the fluid is coming down the clutch pedal it is probably your clutch master cylinder going bad or the seal around it. No worries it is a cheap fix. If it is coming down the clutch pedal it has nothing to do with your brakes. Some people well most use brake fluid for the clutch.

When the driver pushes the clutch pedal down the clutch disengage from the engine?


Why does my clutch pedal go straight to the floor and stays down with no pressure?

You have a broken clutch.

Why does your Peugeot 207 clutch pedal stick down?

Fault with clutch master cylinder.

How do you adjust clutch on 1998 mustang?

On a 1998 Ford Mustang : With the engine OFF - put your gearshift in first gear - put your foot under the clutch pedal and gently lift the clutch pedal until the pedal stops - slowly push the clutch pedal down - you will hear a click if your clutch needed adjusting and adjusted itself

What would cause the clutch pedal on a 1990 BMW 525i to stay in the down position?

Bad hydraulic cylinders.

Why does your clutch pedal stay down on your 1987 Honda Accord?

Broken clutch fork, or other parts.

How would you know if air is present in a hydraulic clutch linkage?

hydraulics work because fluids are considered a non-compressible material. therefore when you put your foot down on the clutch pedal it pushes the hydraulic fluid pressure through the line to disengage the clutch. if there is air in the line the air bubble will compress (gases ARE compressible) and you will feel a "spongy pedal" and you will have to "pump" the clutch pedal to move that air bubble down the hydraulic line before you get a "good" clutch

The clutch pedal on 93 accord ex is loose the clutch fluid is full the clutch is good but the pedal is loose?

I have a 95 Honda Civic with that exact problem. In fact the clutch was just replaced with all new parts about two months ago. Is it unsafe to drive? Everything else seems to work just fine. Except there is absolutely no resistance from the pedal until you get down to about 3/4 of the way down you usually would.

What in a stickshift car to the left of the foot-brake pedal and push you down to shift gears?

The clutch pedal.

Can't change gear in ford vista and clutch pedal down to floor?

You may need a new clutch.

98 cavalier clutch pedal sticks in the down position?

clutch needs replacing good luck! not a fun job

What is the use of a crutch on manual car?

Hi, i guess you were meaning "clutch". The clutch pedal in a manual car is situated on the left-side of the break pedal. It is pressed down when shifting gears.

What is a clutch arm?

The clutch arm is like a teeter-todder. The clutch arm sits on a pivot point in the transmission bell housing and disengages the clutch by pushing down on the pressure place through a "throw out" bearing when the clutch pedal is pushed down.

Why would it be Hard to shift craftsman lawn tractor model 917.270514?

Either the drive belt is not releasing far enough when you press the clutch pedal or the brake is not engaging enough. You will need to see if the belt is still turning when you press the clutch pedal down.

How do you adjust the clutch on ford aerostar 1993?

All the information I can find says the same thing. There is no adjustment for clutch cable or linkage due to the system is hydraulically driven. If you are experiencing clutch pedal squeaks, or uneven feel when you push the pedal in, try spraying the pedal bushing with a penetrating oil and work the pedal up and down.

How adjust clutch pedal 1996 mustang 3.8?

On a 1996 Ford Mustang : To adjust the clutch : - without the engine running , put your transmission in 1st gear - GENTLY , with your foot , pull the clutch pedal UP until it stops moving - SLOWLY push the clutch pedal DOWN all the way ( if you hear a click the clutch needed adjusting and has adjusted itself )

Why won't my clutch pedal come back up after pressing it down?

slave cylinder

If you have replaced the clutch on an 82 str6 -3 on the tree van but it still is very stiff would changing the pedal spring help it or hurt it?

It would hurt it. Changing the spring will make the pedal harder to push down. The spring pulls the pedal up.

Is there a Ford focus clutch safety switch?

Yes. There is a switch located behind the clutch pedal to must be depressed (when the clutch pedal is pressed all the way down) in order for the ignition circuit to be completed. Therefore the car will not start if the clutch pedal is not pressed all the way down. Starting a car while it is in gear can be very damaging to the transmission.ADDED: ... not to mention other cars and people around you!

Why would the clutch pedal on your 1996 ford fiesta stick down after driving for a short period?

Most likely, a broken pressure plate.

Clutch pedal wont stay down to change gear on vauxhall vectra 1991.1.8?

You have to keep it down with your foot!

Why is Clutch oil leaking inside car through the clutch?

The clutch master cylindar is most likely leaking. It's literally a hydraulic piston attached to the clutch pedal. It is also possible that brake fluid is leaking from the brake master cylendar and running down the line to the clutch pedal, ending up inside.

Is there a way to adjust the clutch cable on a 96 Ford Mustang gt?

If you want to adjust the clutch on a 1996 Ford Mustang : Without the engine running put your transmission in 1st gear Put your foot under the clutch pedal and GENTLY pull the pedal up until it stops Then SLOWLY push the clutch pedal down all the way , if your clutch needed adjusting you should hear a click

What does clutch drag on a new clutch mean?

Clutch drag is when the clutch pedal is fully depressed and the clutch is still partially engaged. When the clutch pedal is released or in the up position the engine is connected to the transmission input shaft. When the pedal is depressed or in the down position the engine is disconnected completely from the transmission. When the clutch drags it is still partially attached to the engine. A dragging clutch can cause a glazed flywheel and premature failure of the clutch. It will also cause the syncros to work twice as hard to slow down or speed up a gear inside the transmission when shifting. Basically syncros will wear out faster than normal and may not work properly depending on how bad the clutch drag is.