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#1 pressing brakes turns off cruise #2 switch on master cylinder sends current #3 don't know if that is separate from brake light bulbs current but seems to be #4 mechanic replaced leaky/bad switch on mine and it functions

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Why is the radio fuel gauge and power windows not working on 2004 mercury mountaineer?

fuel gauge not working and power windows and radio.2004 mercury mountaineer.

How do you find the Code for Mercury Mountaineer?

I had to take my mountaineer to a mercury dealer and it took them about 5 minutes. They connected my car to a computer and the computer gave them the code. Its been working ever since they also showed me how to change it if I wanted. Try that!

How do you troubleshoot the GEM module on a Mercury Mountaineer?

The best way to troubleshoot your GEM module on your Mercury is with a diagnostic tester. The diagnostic tester will tell you if the module is working properly.

How do you repair the stereo display that is not working on a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer?

This sounds like the same trouble I have with my 1998 Mountaineer. See my answer under related questions. My friendly Ford - Lincoln - Mercury Dealer wanted almost $400.00 now the CD player is dead too.

1999 mercury grand marquis air conditioning cold air flow not working?

Its the blend door. It happened on my 98 Mercury Mountaineer. The motor shaft and the door have separated there is an easy fix look up blend door fix for 98 Mercury Mountaineer it just needs a small finishing nail and done

How do you fix a power lock that quit working on the drivers side of a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer when the other doors all work fine?

Could be a bad actuator in the door

2002 Mercury Mountaineer Power Windows Not working?

Check the power window fuses and the relay first. If all of the windows do not work then it is a power problem with the whole window system.

Why is the rear wiper not working on your 1998 mountaineer?

1998 Mercury Mountaineer rear wiper troubleshooting - check in this order: Fuse, switch, spindle/tightness of arm, motor, wiring. See the Sources and Related Links section below for rear wiper blade information.

When do woman ovulate on 28 day birth control?

Hormonal birth control is meant to prevent ovulation. If it's working properly, you won't ovulate on birth control.

Why my abs light in my 2003 mercury mountaineer doesn't turn off?

your abs lite wont turn because its a warning comes on when something is not working the way it should.its a reminder for you to take it in to be repaired

Rear heater is not working for 1997 Mercury Villager Fuses are ok Need help please?

replace the dash control unit

What are the dangers of using mercury?

Mercury is highly toxic and working with it can cause mercury poisoning.

2001 mercury mountaineer rear wiper blades not working?

Check in this order: Fuse, switch, spindle/tightness of arm, motor, wiring. See the Sources and Related Links section below for rear wiper blade information.

Why would the power windows on a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer stop working?

the window regulator or motor has gone bad in the door. Common problem, expect around 300.00 to replace the part, depending on part price and labor costs in your area.

2002 Mercury Grand Marquis fan stopped working?

2004 mercury grand marquis fan stop working

What does it mean when the TCS light in a 2002 Acura flashes on when you are about to move?

That your vehicle is losing traction and your Traction Control System (TCS) is working to prevent that.

Why would the display on the radio in your 1998 Mercury Mountaineer come on sometimes then less and less frequently until it stops working altogether and what can you do to fix it at home?

Check out this Web site. It will give you some insight to a common problem with Ford / Mercury radios. Bad solder job in radio. Must remove and resolder conection.

What is the working of the thermometer?

capillarity rise.heating expands mercury whereas cooling contracts mercury

Who is working to prevent global warming?

scientist are trying to find out ways to prevent it.

Why would the heater core warm up but not blow any warm air through the vents or defroster in a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

The mixing door isn't working. Take it to the garage as it porbably is the controler. First make sure there is vacuum getting inside the cab from the engine.

Why is your heater not throwing out any hot air Its for a 1995 Mercury Villager?

Low coolant? Bad thermostat? Heater core plugged or airbound? Heat control cable not working?

O d flashing in 2000 mountaineer will not go in to highest gear?

overdrive is not working and it should be looked at by a transmission shop

What do you do if the brake lights are not working on a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer?

If locks have also stopped locking automatically, then you will have to change the brake switch located on the brake pedal. Go to a local auto shop and pick one up. It is easy to replace. Just look how the original is mounted, it is not too complicated.

What seems to be the problem when you have no heat coming on in a 2002 mercury mountaineer?

Look at your temperature gage...If that is low, you might have a bad thermostat, which would keep your heater from working...I would check that first. also, check the cab air filter. i had the same problem. temp was fine but the filter was full.

What possible reason for cruise control and traction control not working on Rover 75?

It is possible that the traction control module is not working and may need replacing.

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