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As I have been told ,it will cost between 5 &7 hundred.whole dash removal is necessary.Major pain in the rear

~it DOES cost anywhere between those ranges listed above. depends on year your car is, and what shop you take it to. i was told 500 for my car, just in labor alone. now, if you can not afford it right this minute, as i can't even figure out the last bolts remaining to getit off (do-it-yourself is a pain!) and since we really don't need heaters right this minute anyways because summr's just around the corner, you are better off temperarily taking the hoses that connect to the heater core on the firewall off, and connecting them together with a female to female adapter you can find at any parts store. make sure there is a hole in the middle of the peice so water can continue to circulate through the car. and tap off the exposed ends of the heater core. your car will not run so bad as it does with a bad heater core hooked up. remember, it is only a temperary fix. do no continue to drive your car like that for very long. but having it hooked up and driving is worse off because it causes overheating. be careful about this. it will always minimize the anti-freeze smoke commig out of the dash if the heater core is cracked.

Just got a quote for $800 for a 1997 Taurus. Labor intensive process as the dash has to be removed to get to the core.

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Q: What would the approximate cost of replacing the heater core and the heater core hose be at a garage for a 1999 Taurus?
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This is not easy. Get a manual on your car from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM

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How do you remove the dash on a 97 Ford Taurus?

I believe the procedures are either covered, or linked to the "Related Question" below regarding replacing the heater core - which is deep down inside the dash.

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Something must not have went back together correctly when replacing the heater core. Looks like someone has to do the job over again.

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do u have a diragram

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why is my '99 ford taurus making a knock noise and smoking from under the radator

Why won't my heater blow hot after a coolant flush and changing of the thermostat in a 2000 Taurus?

probably the heater core is clogged

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if you have already replaced the thermostat ,try replacing the heating core . it's located under the passanger side dash . There are a number of other things to investigate before going to the major under-taking of the heater core. See "Related Questions" below for a comprehensive trouble-shooting guide to Taurus/Sable heating problems.

What do you do if your car heater does not work at all?

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