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Q: What would the date of manufacture on a SW 4046 handgun serial VYJ3640?
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When was belgium browning serial number 55497 made?

I would need to know if you are asking about a shotgun,rifle,handgun etc.Please include the caliber or gauge,along with this serial number to get the year of manufacture.

How old is a Winchester model 70 serial?

If you would provide your serial number,Then I would be able to provide you with a date of manufacture.

When was my model 94 made SERIAL?

If you would provide the serial number to your rifle,I would be happy to supply you with the year of manufacture.

Where would the serial number for a 32 caliber marlin handgun made in 1887 at?

Somewhere on the frame.

What website would allow you to insert a rifle serial number to find year of manufacture?

What is the year of manufacture of Winchester model 94 rifle serial number 2359141

How do you find manufacture date of my Winchester rifle?

If you would post the serial number and model number,I can give you a date of manufacture.

What year of manufacture would a brwoning superposed be with serial number 14688?


What is the manufacture date of a model 1911 1A?

A serial number would be needed to answer.

What year COLT MK IV serial 302587 manufacture?

i would like to know what year that colt MK IV series 80 with serial # 302587 manufacture and what made is this?

How can you find the year of manufacture for a Winchester model 63?

By the serial number.If you would include this with your question,I could provide the year of Manufacture.

What is the manufacture date of a Remington rand 1911A1 with serial number 1888019?

I thought that would be in the end of the serial range of Ithaca but 1944.

What is manufacture date of smith wesson pistol with serial number 201860?

you would need the model number as well as serial number.

What is the year of manufacture for a Gibson refrigerator freezer model RT14F1WSGA?

The serial # identifies the year and place of manufacture, not the model #. Also you would most likely need an owners manual to interpret the nomeclature in the serial #.

What age is a colt handgun 38 special with serial numbers 705378?

Would need model name to answer.Go to

What year would be made police positive be with serial 44670?

if your handgun is a colt police positive .38 it was made in 1911.

You would like to find a listing of dates of manufacture for colt pythons by serial number?

What was the year of manufacture of a colt pistol with a serial number of 193265?

Would need model name to answer.

What is the year of manufacture on your Smith and Wesson Model 17-6 serial BDZ5727?

It would be sometime AFTER August 1994, which is where my serial list ends.

What is age of a Marlin 336-RC32 special serial J34xx?

The letter J in the serial number would designate a 1952 date of manufacture.

How much is your gun worth with matching serial numbers 19018507?

That would depend on whether it is a shotgun, rifle, or handgun. Also on who made it.

What is the year of manufacture for a marlin 30-30- model 93 with serial no c4559?

With that low of a serial number I would suspect either 1893,or 1894.

What year is manufacture of Colt 45 with serial number 330402?

Would need model name to answer question.

What is the date of manufacture of Colt Officers Match 38 caliber?

Sorry but we would need the serial number to answer.

What is the date of manufacture for a Winchester model 12 with serial number 18257112?

I would check your serial number,it appears way to high then post question again.

What is the manufacture date of a marlin model 1894 serial number 409385?

i would say between 1909-1910.