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An example is the chromium chloride: CrCl2.

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Cr3Si2 is the empirical formula for a compound containing chromium and silicon an has 73.52 mass percent chromium.

This compound is the chromium phosphate.

This compound is the chromium phosphate.

This compound is the chromium phosphate.

Chromium II oxide (or chromium monoxide).

A molecule is two or more elements bonded together, and a compound is a molecule containing at least two elements. The word formula fits in to tell you whether you have a compound or a molecule by telling you the number of elements (atoms) in the molecule.

Chromium(III) borate has the chemical formula CrBO3.

That would be chromium(IV) selenide with the formula CrSe2

CrCO3 is the formula. The name of this compound is chromium II carbonate.

Cr2O3 is, Chromium (III) oxide or simply Chromium oxide.

Assuming the 3 oxidation state of chromium.CrCl3====

Chromium(II) nitrate: Cr(NO3)2Chromium(III) nitrate: Cr(NO3)3

Potassium Nitrate: Beryllium & Chromium

The chemical formula of a compound does not indicate the way that elements are joined in the compound. Chemical formulas tell you the identity of the elements in the compound and the relative proportions of the elements.

Cr2O3 is the chemical formula for chromium (III) oxide

The formula of the compound containing Al3+ and S2- is Al2S3

That would be chromium(II) sulfate, but really, chromium mostly exists as Cr(III) or Cr(VI), which would change the formula.

The chemical formula of chromium nitrate is Cr(NO3)3.

Chromium (II) chloride = CrCl2Chromium (III) chloride = CrCl3 Chromium (IV) chloride = CrCl4

A Chemical Formula shows the composition of elements in a compound.

Potassium chlorate is a compound containing potassium, chlorine, and oxygen atoms. It's molecular formula is KClO3.

CrNO3 ************2nd Opinion*********** To get the correct formula, you need to state the oxidation number of chromium in the compound, using a Roman numeral. It's likely to be chromium(III) nitrate, which is Cr(NO3)3

The formula unit for a compound containing calcium and phosphorus is Ca3P2. It is an ionic compound called calcium phosphide.

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