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What would world war 3 be like?

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"We know not with which weapons the third world war will be fought. But one thing is certain, the fourth will be fought with sticks and stones. " Albert Einstein

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Is world war 3 about to start?

World war 3 is not about to start but we are at war with Iraq, Afghanistan ,and Iran. Why would you think world war 3 is about to start?

Will there be a world war 10?

It would be about 2/6 of a chance because we would have to get from world war 3 to world war 9 and that would take about to thosands years.

Would there be a war world 3?

i think there will be warworld 3.

Was there a war on one tree hill?

no, not like the world war 3 or anything..

How will the world look after world war three?

The world wont look like anyhting after world war 3 if it happens.Already the most powerful countries in the world have nuclear weapons and the only real way a world war can begin is if one of these countries like the usa is in it and a war with nuclear weapons will be a very quick one.Like Einstein said 'if world war 3 is fought with nuclear weapons then world war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones'.If that is true you can get an idea of what it will be like after world war 3.Chances are there wont be another world war in our lifetime anyway.

Is it possible that world war 2 could eventually lead to a world war 3?

Possibly but if there was a third world war it is highly unlikely that the second world war would be the cause.

Will there be such thing as world war 3?

no there will not be a chance if world war 3 is about to start but u never know...... and if it does happen then the world is doomed just like the Doctor Who series Doomsday!

How did World War 3 begin?

World War 3Wordl War 3 has not occurred.

Which war is world war 3?

There hasn't been a world war 3 yet.

What is a good World War 3 book?

I personally like: Nostradamus: Predictions of World War IIIJack Manuelian (Author)

When third world war will begin?

We can all hope never. Know one knows if, when or where a World War 3 would occur.

Who will win the world war three?

No one.... World War 3 either falls short of a winner, or the whole world ends. World War 4 would be fought with sticks and stones.

What would you do when we start world war 3?

We all hope there won't be a World War 3 -- the last war was ended by dropping a nuclear bomb, which was the most horrible thing anyone had ever imagined and still has lasting effects on the people of Japan today. World War 3 would start with nuclear bombs and would end with the entire world being destroyed.

When will there be world war 3?

hopefully it will never happen but if it did it would happen in asia and usa would win the war once again

Who start the world war 3?

world war 3 hasn't yet

What are some of the effects of world war 3?

there was no WWIII (world war 3)

Why is world war 3?

Huh?? There has never been a world war 3.

Who led world war 3?

World war 3 has not arrived yet...

Did Norway fight in world war 3?

I did not know there was a world war 3 World War 3 has not happend uless they diside to call the war we're in now WW3.

What should be feared about a world war 3?

Anything and everything.Einstein was once asked what weapons WW3 would be fought with. He replied "I do not know what weapons World War 3 will be fought with, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones"

Is World War 3 scary?

Yes, World war 3 is a really scary nuclear war.

Was Hitler planning world war 3?

Yes Hitler was planning world war 3 although he knew it wouldn't work out so he decided to have a world war 2 instead (who knows why he was planning a world war 3 instead of a world war 2.) So now you know he WAS planning world war 3!!!!!!!!!!!

Will the be a world war 3 before the year 2020?

No one can know, its unpredictable. But World War 3 would definitely affect the years after year 2020. No one can doubt it will happen or not...

What led to world war 3?

There was never a world war 3, and hopefully there never will be.

When was peace declared in World War 3?

There has never been a World War 3.

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