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Q: What would you ask a person who had lived in a Hooverville in 1930 and 1931?
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What were Hooverville?

Hoovervilles were shantytowns during President Hoovers term also during The Great DepressionYes, they were places where homless, jobless people lived. They consisted of small shacks. This was during the 1930's (The Great Depression)

Cost of a new car in 1930?

This is a very veg question, a person would not know how much "a" car was in 1930, you would have to say which kind of car. Cars from 1930 would very voluble though if any are still around.

Who lived in the White House in 1930?

Rossevelt Rossevelt

Why would a person immigrate to England in the 1930's?

I am guessing it would be To escape the great depression in America. Mike Crabtree

What was life like in the 1930's?

life in the 1930's stunk because of the depression am Glad i never lived back then!

Who was the first person to market frozen vegetables in 1930?

the first person to market frozen vegtables in 1930 was Clarence Birds eye

Is there a list of names of US veterans who fought in Word War I?

If you are wondering whether or not a particular individual served in the US army or navy during World War I, and if that person lived to 1930, check the 1930 US census. Enumerators asked whether or not individuals were veterans.

What year did the dodo birds lived on earth?

Dodo birds got extinct at around 1930.

Who is the first man who set foot on the moon?

That was the late Neil A. Armstrong, who lived from 1930 to 2012 .

How old would you be if you were born n 1930?

If you were born in 1930, you would be about 84 years old today, in 2014! :)

How old would you be if you was born in 1930?

As of 2010, your age would be 80 years old. (2010 minus 1930 = 80).

What country was the person from that won the Tour de France in 1930?

Andre Leducq, a French man, won the race in 1930.

If you were born in June 1930 how old would you be?

If you were born June 1930 you will turn 80 in 2010.

What would 2400.00 be worth in 1930?

$2,400.00 in 1930 had the same buying power as $33,003.49 in 2016.

When was Ludwig blattner born?

Not much is known about his birth, but he lived in the 1930's and was involved in Filmography. He died in 1935.

Who invented tape?

The person who invented the tape is, Richard Drew in 1930.

What is 1930 in roman numerals?

1000 = M, 900 = CM, and 30 = XXX, so 1930 would be MCMXXX.

What what the source for study of the slave trade that would be most unusual?

In the 1930's a group went to former slaves and interviewed them about their lives as slaves. The result was a book called To Be A Slave. Get it. It is a good source on slavery from the people who lived it.

How much would a mansion cost in 1930?

The cost of a mansion in 1930 would greatly vary. It would depend upon the actual value of the home, the location of the home, and how big the house actually was.

What decade is 1933?

It would be the decade of the 1930's.

What were the living conditions of migrant workers in the 1930?

The farm laborers lived in a small house and couldn't leave a state only with permission.

Did Anne Frank live in the 17th century?

No, she lived in the time of World War Two, around the 1930's and 1940's.

What would 100 American dollars in 1930 would be worth today?

about $1400

How much would 100 dollars from 1930 be worth today?

100 dollars in 1930 equals 1204.42 dollars today.

How much was 1.00 worth in the 1930's?

Adjusting for inflation, one dollar in 1930 would be about $14 in 2012.