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Happens all the time. relax.

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The meteor came plummeting towards the earth.

A meteor crashed into the earth and wiped them out. A meteor crashed into the earth and wiped them out.

well the meteor would be sucked in by the earths gravitational pull

It depends on the size of the meteor but is would make a crater and most would vaporise.

A 20,000 mile wide object would not be a meteor; it would be a planet significantly larger than Earth. In that case Earth, which is about 8,000 miles wide, would definitely be destroyed.

An meteor came to the earth and extincted all of the dinosaurs died even the tyrannosaur

In the movies it says that all Pokemon came to Earth on a colossal meteor from space.

a meteor would hit earth every five seconds

Life as we know it would disappear. It's not possible for a meteor to punch a clean hole through the Earth. So a meteor big enough would crack the Earth into pieces. These might eventually be pulled together again by gravity, but the planet would be unrecognizable.

A meteor hitting the moon would affect life on Earth in a good way. By omission, the collision with the moon means the meteor doesn't get to strike the Earth --- and that is a very good thing.

When a meteor hits the Earth it forms a crater.

That depends on where you are on the Earth and where the meteor hits. ________________ Wherever you are on earth, if an object the size of the earth collided directly with us (at that size it would be a rogue planet, I think, rather than a meteor) then certainly all life on earth would come to an end, and likely within minutes.

dk meteor as in dino killing meteor

A meteor in space is called a meteor. When it reaches earth its a meteorite.

A meteor does not produce light, a shadow on the Earth is caused when the meteor blocks the Sun's rays. The meteor does this when it is placed in between the Sun and the Earth, this is called an eclipse.

Correction! Actually a meteor that impacts the Earth is called a meteorite

Another name for a meteor that is visible from Earth is Meteoroid.

This kind of meteor is called a meteorite.

By virtue that a meteor is a meteoroid that is burning up in the Earths atmosphere due to friction, then the answer is yes.

IT was made to be about a meteor that came by the earth and created living cars that where hungry for gas and where lead by the GOBLIN TRUCK.

a meteor came hertiling towards earth hit earth made dust, smoke, and water, go all over the world it hit so hard and the meteor made a big explosion that also killed tons of dinosaurs

It is called a meteor impact.

The end of the dinosaur era came suddenly and it coincided with a time when a meteor hit the earths surface. the result of this collusion would have been that life as it was on earth at the time would have become impossible, killing just about everything that lived on the surface and changing the ecology of the earth to a point where it would no longer be able to support animals as big as the dinosaurs even if some did survive.

Force of gravity pulling the meteor to Earth. Force of air resistance slowing down the meteor like friction.

It becomes a meteor when it hits earth's atmosphere.

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