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This is actually my question, but I want to elaborate on it a bit. We have been together for a year and a half. Everything was going well. We occasionally argued, but we were good at listening to each other, and help no resentment. We wanted to marry and have children. Then two things happened. One was, when I was out of town seeing my sister, one of his brothers called me on the cell phone to tell me that their youngest brother, a 17 year old, had just been brutally murdered. I had to be the one to call him remotely and tell him to go see his family. We all cried and we aren't done crying over him. He is going through the emotional roller coaster of feeling despair, sadness, anger, hatred, and then calm, over and over again. I feel some of the same. A week later, I found that I am pregnant, and 4 weeks along. I tell him, and he is seeming a bit distant since I returned, but then he gets excited. He is elated, then he goes off to work, and doesn't come home for three days. He is at his Mom's house and won't call me or anything. Today I get on the bus and he is on it. He doens't let me know he is there. I see him when I am getting off. I start crying and he says he just wants to be friends, that it isn't another woman, but that he just can't feel attachment to anyone anymore. I am now going through the despair, etc and I am so emotional because of the pregnancy hormones. I don't know which end is up. Anyone with advice?

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Q: What would you do if your boyfriend lost a family member and got so depressed he broke up with you but you were still in love with him?
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