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We would discuss it with the other parent. The parent has the right to know.

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Q: What would you do if your child wants to live with you and is afraid of saying something to his or her other parent?
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Are phobia's contagious?

Phobia's are contagious but only in a crowd-like atmosphere. When one person panics because they see something they fear, it might cause others in a group to panic. Phobias can be learned, though. If a parent is afraid of something it can make a child afraid of the same thing by watching the actions of the parent.

Can the noncustodial parent keap the child not return to custodial parent?

No they can not. The key here is the "custodial parent" . You may be able to go to court. But if you keep the child and you are not the custodial parent and there is a court order saying the other parent is the custodial parent, all that person has to do is call the police, and the non custodial parent would have to give up the child.

Is it illegal for a parent to give her child spankins in Florida?

no its not. unless the parent is hitting the child for no reason. if the child did something bad then parents sure can spank their kids, but not abuse them.

What evidence can one provide to prevent a parent from unsupervised visitation?

To get a judge to issue an order that a parent cannot visit their child without supervision, a person must provide proof that the parent is not responsible with the child. This proof might include bruises on the child, or the child saying they were not fed or bathed while in the neglectful parent's care.

If your child has done something wrong do you think its okay to hit them?

NO it not you will make the child afraid of you and hide things from you

Can a parent administer medication to child?

uh yes, unless the medication is something crazy or the parent is crazy

Does non-custodial parent have to provide address to custodial parent?

Of course. The custodial parent should know where the child will be when she is with the non-custodial parent. If something should happen to the non-custodial parent the custodial parent should know where to get the child. Wanting to keep that type of information secret shows a problem of non-cooperation and a parent who is not thinking of the best interests of the child.

Can a parent claim and child who is in prison as a dependent?

no because they cant bail there child out for something they wern't supposed to do

Can a parent tell their kid that they can't buy something resonable with their own money?

If the child is a minor, the parent has the right to control what the child does with the money and has the right to determine what items the child may have or use.

If a child is afraid of their parent do they have to visit them?

no they dont tell someone why you are afraid of your parents and then they might understand......AnswerIn order for the visits to stop the visitation order must be modified by the court. The custodial parent must take charge of the situation immediately and do whatever is necessary to determine why the child is afraid to visit the non-custodial parent. It would be best to contact the attorney who represented that parent in the divorce for advice and a referral to the proper professionals. If the child's reasons are found to be serious then the parent must return to court to have the visitation modified but they must provide appropriate evidence for the court's review.If the child's fears are unfounded then the parents should seek counseling in order for the child to feel comfortable visiting the other parent.

Can a parent be arrested for disciplininga child for innapropiate sexual activity the father whipped the boys and the mother had him arrested?

It depends on what the parent did. If the parent abused the child during the punishment, then yes, they can be arrested.

Name something at a circus that a child might be afraid of?

clown, lion, tiger, elephant

Who is owed the back child support the parent that raised the child or the child?

The parent. It was the parent who incurred the expenses to support the child.

What is it when something is passed from parent to child?


Is it okay for a child to ask their parent why they are supposed to do something?

yes it is as long as they think it is will be to

Can the non custodial parent take your kid on vacation out of state for Christmas?

Yes, with the written approval of the custodial parent. You need custody letters from the custodial parent saying that they permit their child to travel with you.

What are the effects of a child being too dependent on his parent?

The child would grow up afraid of being independent, therefore, living in your house as a middle aged nobody.

Can ex take child out of school and put child in home s hool without your permission?

Depends on if he is the custodial parent or legal guardian or not. That is something that parent decides. If he is not he has no right to do this.

Can you be sued for child support if your an unfit parent?

Being a unfit parent and/or give up your parental rights or have them taken away, is usually not something that means you get out of paying child support.

If your minor child is accused of something at school can the police question the minor without parent present?

No if your under 18 you must have a god parent or parent present.

What is a parent's female child?

If a parent has a female child, that would be the parent's daughter.

Can parents with B positive and O negative have an A positive child?

No. The parent's possible blood types are BO and OO. If the child is AO something is incorrect. Neither parent has an A to pass along.

Can a child sue a parent for negligence in Dominican Republic?

Yes. But it is very unlikely to happen because of the culture. A Dominican child wouldn't ever think of suing their parent for something like this.

Can parents with A positive and B positive have a O negative child?

No. The parent's possible blood types are BO and OO. If the child is AO something is incorrect. Neither parent has an A to pass along.

Can parents with A positive and B positive have a child with B negative?

No. The parent's possible blood types are BO and OO. If the child is AO something is incorrect. Neither parent has an A to pass along.

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