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I would talk to her and spend all the time that I could with her. Make sure that you exchange telephone or cell phone #'s, as well as mailing address that way you two can still stay in contact with eachother. Good luck and God Bless:)

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What if your cute guy friend would always playfully hit you when he was single then he got a girlfriend and stopped he still has same girlfriend but he starts to flirt again does he like you?

You might just be friends- it might not be flirting at all

Why did my ex girlfriend ask if you had a girlfriend?

She so likes you again, why else would she ask you if you were single?!

Why would Ex lover wants to see you again if he has a girlfriend?


How common is it for a boyfriend to never hit his girlfriend again after hitting her once?

it dependes who he is if hi does it again i would ask him on a date p.s. make shore he dose not have a girlfriend!

Is it rude to text your girlfriend and another person at the same time?

i would have to say problably not because say your girlfriend texts and you send a message and then your friend texts so you text them back but right after your girlfriend texts again. to me i dont see any problem but it might be different for everyone.

Is it safe to eat ribs after 3 weeks in refrigerator?

Three weeks is really pushing it. They might or might not be safe, but after 3 weeks, they can't taste very good! I would not risk it.

Why would a girl be mean to you all becaus you have a girlfriend?

she might have a crush on u.

Can you get your ex girlfriend back?

You don't want to get hurt again if he/she dump you and y would you want to hurt him/her again(if you dumped them) just saying!

Will your uterus return to its normal size after a miscarriage of six weeks?

Yes, it should do. At 6 weeks, it won't have got much bigger. I would expect it would take about 6 weeks for it to get back to its normal size again.

How do you start talking to your ex-girlfriend?

just let her know that you wanna be friends and you would love if yall could start talking again -nesha

Would Prince Harry ever go out with a commoner?

Yes he is currently dating his off again on again girlfriend who is indeed a commoner: Chelsy Davy

Why would a boyfriend want to go out dancing with his ex-girlfriend?

He might like dancing. He might like her. I'm a guy and I don't dance, and I don't mind my girlfriend dancing. I might not like it if she went out with just her ex, but I'd trust her. It also depends what sort of friends the boyfriend is with the ex.

Why would you come back on your period 2 weeks after finishing your last one?

idk why it does, but its not unnatural, i get mine for about a week, then for 2 weeks i dont have it and then i get it again.

Would girls or women date me if they knew I never had a girlfriend or an ex?

Yes, but be cautious as they might patronise you because you haven't had a girlfriend before, but yeah they will!:)

You were 6 weeks pregnant when a miscarriage occurred you would like to get pregnant again how safe is it to get pregnant with in a months time?

You should wait a few weeks to even have sex again and then wait around 4 months until trying again. You have to give it a chance.

Would a guilt-ridden cheating girlfriend want to get pregnant?

She might. It depends on the individual.

What should you do if you messed around with your ex and he has a girlfriend?

If you didn't know he had a girlfriend tell him off. Why would he want to fool around with you if he already has a girlfriend. Also you might want to tell the girlfriend , she has a right to know what her boyfriend has been doing.

Would it be creepy if you asked a girl to be your girlfriend if she likes you but ive only known her for like 2 weeks im a freshman in highschool?

I say wait three more weeks, then ask her out. It would be creepy to ask her really soon, so talk to her more and find out more about her in the next three weeks, because you also might find something you don't like about her. She also may be a cheater, so ask around.

What would happen if you asked out a boy but he said no because he had a girlfriend and he broke up with her and she was sad for weeks would you still like him And do you think he's lying?

oh wow, i probably might like him still, but maybe a little less. i would be able to kno if he was lying or not, maybe you should ask someone who would kno. :)

Why does your girlfriend not reply your message?

Your girlfriend might be busy or she might be playing games with you. I would just stop sending messages for a while and do your 'own thing' on Facebook, MySpace, ECT. Because then the girlfriend will acknowledged you have a 'life' and maybe get more interested in you. Just a tip not absolute fact.

A bf would never go down on his girlfriend even though she was a cleanfreak and shaven liked he liked and when the girlfriend asked the bf why he would always change the subject why?

he might never of done that before

How do you tell your girlfriend that im not going to cheat on her again?

Well, you cheated on her, right? How, in her mind, does that mean that you will cheat on her, but not lie to her about not doing it again? If I were her, I would run from you as fast as I could.

Would Daniel Pearson from Tracy beaker returns be boyfriend and girlfriend with a fan?

He might, if he really liked them.

You are 5 weeks 6 days and you had an ultrasound for the heartbeat which was 100 The Doc wants you to come back in 1 week for another ultrasound to measure the heartbeat again Should you be worried?

No 6 weeks is very early for a scan which is most likely why he would like to see you again in a weeks time.

Why would your ex-boyfriend hide from you the fact that he has a new girlfriend?

Two possibilities that I can think of right off... without knowing him. 1. He thinks it would hurt your feelings to know that he has "moved on". In that case he might be trying to protect you. 2. He thinks that he might be able to get something going again, and the idea multiple girlfriends might just seem like a lot of fun. Pick one.