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Check to see if there is a internal advance mechanism in your distributor. On older GM models bushings would wear causing it to stick and causing a surge or bucking as the advance within the distributor would release. Your computer regulates the advance, however, have the distributor checked.

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Q: What would you look for in a 1992 Chevy s-10 that surges and has had fuel pump fuel filter and pressure regulator replaced?
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a sertain way

88 ranger rpm surges after warm up changed fuel filterchanged coolant sensorschecked high pressure fuel pump?

Air filter?

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I would purchase a Watt water pressure guage from your local home improvement or hardware store and check your water pressure at your faucet. If water pressure is greater than 40-45psi your regulator needs to be turned down where the water comes into the house.

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Why does a Chevy G20 crus control just drop out at anytime while driving i HAVE replaced servo brain box and hoses?

I had this same problem and It was my fuel filter. Engine surges because there is not enough fuel. Check it.

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The most common cause of surging in lawn mower engines is a dirty air filter. It just needs to be removed and cleaned if it is the foam type, It it is the paper type, it needs to be replaced.

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could be that the regulator in the alternate is failing and causing power surges in the electronics and the fuses are blowing to prevent damage to the device and vehicles wiring.

How do you fix a vehicle that surges and won't gain speed?

It depends on what's wrong. If you are only guessing, i'd start with the fuel filter.

My 1992 Plymouth Acclaim surges on hills but it goes away when I accelerate What causes that?

Clogged fuel filter, or weak fuel pump.

You have an 1985 ford F150 5.8 Cruise control surges Repaced speed sensor Pedall switch is ok still surges What is wrong?

If a 1985 Ford F150 5.8, with a replaced speed sensor, cruise control surges and with a working pedal switch, it is due to vacuum leak. Check on the cruise box under the hood for any leaks.

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How do you find the cause of a surge on a 1985 buick regal it surges at all rpms you have changed plugs wires rotor cap coil air filter fuel filter still surges. Changed the O2 sensor and didn't help.?

try changing your oxygen sensor I have changed the oxygen sensor and it did not help. Do you have any other ideas? Could it be the carb?

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The different between sag and surges

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90 olds ciera s When driving engine surges and misses espically when going up hill Replaced plugs and cleaned throttle body Fuel pressure at 37 psiAny ideas?

Wires from distributor can age and loose conductivity, especially under high voltage of full-thottle acceleration.

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What would cause too much pressure building up in the cooling system?

The usual cause of cooling system pressure surges is a bad head gasket. The compression from the cylinders gets into the cooling system and raises the pressure. Have a mechanic run a compression test to see if there are any big pressure changes between the cylinders.