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What would you say if your boy friend asked you what you think of him?


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well whats the obvious answer? tell him the truth, and if he really likes you then he'll be able to take it...


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If it was me i would probably say yes and peck him back :)

He would say no if he was shy but if he has admitted it that he likes he would say yes

If you said that to the guy he would probably suspect.

If i were you i would talk about him to a friend then when you think your ready try to talk to them.

I think Selena does not have a boy friend. She might she might not.

If you really were a good friend you would just let it go and let her have the boy If you really were a good friend you would just let it go and let her have the boy If you really were a good friend you would just let it go and let her have the boy ANSWER: I don't think so... what about your friend..... why can't she get over it and let me have the boy???????

Yes, you can. Your friend should understand that you were asked out.

I think what you would do is ask him/her who they like. Then tell them that your friend likes them. Then tell them good things. Thats how I would do it I dont know about you!

make the first move and beat your friend to him. what would you rather have a friend or a boyfriend

Who ever is the one that is not asked out and it is your best friend you be happy for them and move forward. There are always other boys to focus your interest on - a boy is not worth losing your best friend over as you can always keep a friend longer than a boyfriend.

i think your question should have been "whats da definition of a friendly-boy"which would be a boy whos just good to everyone and compatiable with anyone.

If i were you i would be his friend and learn about what he likes and see if you have anything in common if you do take it slow and ask him out if he hasn't asked you yet!!

ask the person if they like you just a bit more then a friend and if they say yes then ask them out it happened for me i really like this boy he was like my best friend so i asked him if he liked me more than just a friend and then he asked me out.

Aha Who do u think you are of course she is not gay what people would ask that she have a boy friend

no, i don't think he thinks of you as more than a friend - if that would have been the case, he would have taken every step to ensure that your texts do not go unanswered.

Well, if you haven't got back to him yet, then do so!! It will make his day...and yours

What should YOU do? I think you should leave them alone, because it's their business if they want to go out! If you REALLY NEED to know, ask your friend why she said no!

i think salman khan will be

Michael Simon i think !!

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