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There is no telling what he is thinking. He doesn't have inside information from your boyfriend, and you certainly don't want to confide your hopes at this point. Perhaps think about telling him that he will be the first to know if and when it happens.


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They want to be your friend and are asking (subtlety)

Of course at that the time you are getting married you are the groom and cannot be an usher, but after you are married and a friend is getting married then yes, you can be an usher.

by getting off your butt and not asking people on the internet

No you cannot get legally married to someone who does not exists.

You can figure out by asking your best friend to ask him/her if they like you.

He is not married, but he is happily engaged to my friend Brie. They are getting married on Valentines Day. You are welcome.

If she is already married to someone else I would say it is time for you to move on.

No, they are not getting married my friend at school tells me they are and i fall for it but not reallly and if she reads this I'm dead so I'm not going to tell her about this anyway they are not married they are dating but they are NOT married

You know your best friend the most. Why should you be asking someone who doesn't know your friend? You know what your bf loves and what his/her hobbies are. Think about it.

It seems he may just be asking you if you are interested in someone or dating someone that you have not previously told him or in a slight chance he may be asking you as he is interested in you himself.

Yes, she does. And she's getting married soon.

how long ago did they get married was it because there was an obligations in them getting married

Someone might be in the market to purchase bridal wedding dresses if they are either getting married, or are attending someone else's wedding such as a family member or close friend.

Having a dream that your best friend is getting married and you get to plan the wedding is a good dream. It probably doesn't mean anything, but it is nice to have good dreams instead of nightmares.

They are just boy friend and girl friend no marrige plans quite yet

his girl friend(now fiance) jenna (idk her last name)

You get a 3DS Friend Code by adding someone on there and getting that person to add you back. Use online sites such as Friend Codes

God made us to have a wonderful life and to get married. It's one of the happiest things a person will do. Getting married is also to reproduce young and to repopulate the world. People normally get married so they can have someone to love and to spend their rest of their life with. Because your in love with your best friend, and you have to spend the rest of your life with them

Asking him or getting a mutual friend to ask is the only way you will find out.

you can't make someone love you but you could try asking him out on a date and see how it goes

your getting strange to your best friend or special someone...

She wrote it because her friend told her about how her ex boyfriend was getting married and she made a joke and asked if she was going to speak now and Taylor said she could play her guitar and it would be great. Later she was thinking how devastating it would be to have someone you love be getting married. Did that help? laneylou16

Her question to you could mean many things: She could be asking you if you have said anything to anyone about her having an affair with a married man. She could also be asking who you are dating and if so is he married. There is another possibility she could be hinting a three-way, but not likely. Communication is a big factor in life so you should ask your friend what she meant by this and get it out in the open. You might try being a good friend and tell her that dating married men is the wrong thing to do.

It depends on who you talk to. If you are asking someone who you are not familiar with or if they of a high social status or age then you are, you would say "Dónde trabaja usted?" If you are asking someone who is a close friend or family member you can say "Dónde trabajas?"

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