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i would write now

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Q: What would you write if your speech topic were If I were rich?
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How do I write a speech for student government I want it to have a lot oh humor in it too And I am running for publicity against someone popular and I need a lot of help?

To write a speech rich in humor for a student government, include main ideas backed up by the supporting ideas.

What is a good topic to do for a speech?

a good topic could be what i would do if i were president if i won the lottery Elvis presely, Michael Jackson, nelson Mandela, Marie curie etc. television, and technology first person to land on moon if i were a politician if i were rich i have a dream... my favourite holiday would be... hope this helps im a yr 8 student btw. laterz lol im tryin to find a topic too its hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i am rich

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Rich Industrialising Country

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She's poor, little rich girl.

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i would rather be famous than be rich because when your famous your rich (Aissata Toure

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What would a rich Victorian family do for a day out?

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