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i would write now

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2011-03-15 01:06:15
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Q: What would you write if your speech topic were If I were rich?
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What is a good topic to do for a speech?

a good topic could be what i would do if i were president if i won the lottery Elvis presely, Michael Jackson, nelson Mandela, Marie curie etc. television, and technology first person to land on moon if i were a politician if i were rich i have a dream... my favourite holiday would be... hope this helps im a yr 8 student btw. laterz lol im tryin to find a topic too its hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What part of speech is rich?


How do I write a speech for student government I want it to have a lot oh humor in it too And I am running for publicity against someone popular and I need a lot of help?

To write a speech rich in humor for a student government, include main ideas backed up by the supporting ideas.

Can you give an example of short speech to convince the talent manager to get you?

i am rich

What part of speech is richer?

The word richer is an adjective. It means to be more rich.

What does RIC stand for in terms of The Global Economy an A2 level geography topic?

Rich Industrialising Country

Examples Help - Figures of Speech - Antithesis?

She's poor, little rich girl.

What speech from Abraham Lincoln said you can't help the poor by crushing the rich?


What part of Speech is the word rich?

The word richness is a noun. It is usually an uncountable noun.

Would the sentence 'If I were rich I would buy a mansion' be grammatically correct?

No, you need to add a comma after rich. If I were rich, I would buy a mansion.

Would you rather be rich or famous?

i would rather be famous than be rich because when your famous your rich (Aissata Toure

What year did napolean hill write think and grow rich?


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