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What wouled anicent Greeks eat?

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olives,bread and water

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Who lived in anicent greek houses?

Ancient Greeks?? .......

How did the Anicent Greeks train for a battle?

for us ofcoarse, to kill the human race

What type of clothes did the anicent Greeks wear?

they wore nothing but a head wreath and a cloth

Why did the anicent Greeks seek advice from oracles?

They believed that the gods would give them sage advice.

What was Ares weakness the anicent greek god of war?

He was a god, he didn't have "weaknesses". He was omnipotent in the minds of the Greeks.

Who was the wife of anicent roman god Uranus?

That was Caelus to the Romans, and Uranus to the Greeks; the answer is Terra Mater or Tellus.

What did anicent Egyptians eat?

mostly Bread, fruits even though they were rare

How do you win a game of anicent greek wrestling?

you eat a piece of bacon and then fark it out

What meat do Greeks mostly eat?

Greeks mostly eat lamb.

Do the Greeks eat animals?

If you ask if Greeks eat meat, yes they do

Did anicent Greeks celebrate Christmas?

The Ancient Greeks did not celebrate Christmas. Christmas is the commemoration of the Birth of Jesus and, as Jesus had not been born in Ancient Greek times, it was celebrated. Christianity had not been founded at this time.

What are three things about anicent Egypt?

who ever three quenns in anicent egypt is lesliemayra and mlt214

What sort of foods do Greeks eat?

Greeks eat salads and they like to cook in oil a lot, they literally saturate there food in it.

What is the name of the special cheese Greeks eat?

Greeks eat many kinds of cheese. Feta is possibly the one you are thinking of

Why did Greeks eat Baklava?

The Greeks ate Baklava because it was a tasty dessert.

What foods did the Greeks eat?

they eat lamb, sheep,boklavat

What do Greeks eat today?

The Greeks eat alot of Fish Because the only thing that surrounds them is water I hope that this answers your question :)

What sort of traditional food do Greeks eat?

Greeks eat cheeses, grapes, olives, apples...etc. they eat fruits and grains like that such as barley, wheat...etc

Why do Greeks eat their food?

Greeks like the taste of their food and most of the ingredients are local.

When was the last wouled cup?

The last FIFA world cup was held in 2006 in Germany.

What did the Greeks eat?

the Greeks ate lamb,chicken,wheat,cheese,fruits an veggies and crocidile.

What did the ancient Greeks eat from?

well,the rich greeks ate from golden plates and the poor greeks probably ate from plates made out of stone

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