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What wrench size or type do you need to disconnect the egr tube from the exhaust manifold on a 1991 Nissan truck with a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine?


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2015-07-17 17:54:12
2015-07-17 17:54:12

any auto parts store should be able to answer your question

I believe it's something like 23 or 24mm.


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What engine???????? You should refer to repair manual if not familiar with auto repair and understand the terminology before attempting Remove nuts holding exhaust manifold to cylinder head & remove nuts/bolts holding exhaust manifold to exhaust pipes Use new exhaust manifold gaskets and install the new manifold securing the manifold to cylinder head (may need to but new nuts and or bolts) by "snugly" tightening manifold to cylinder head if not refering to repair manual

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on the passenger side of the engine below the exhaust manifold on both 6 and 4 cylinder models on the passenger side of the engine below the exhaust manifold

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your oxygensensor is bad ,its screwed in to your exhaust manifold, about 30.00

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there are two cat one iswielded with the exhaust manifold and the 2nd is connected to the exhaust manifold with the o2 sensor leading to the exhaust.

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