What year did 'Everlasting Love' come out?

Everlasting Love

"Everlasting Love" is a song first made famous by Love Affair, an English pop group. It was written by Buzz Cason and Mac Gayden and first recorded by Robert Knight, whose minor success with the song in 1967 was eclipsed when Love Affair's version topped the UK singles chart in 1968. Theirs entered the UK chart on 3 January that year, and that by Knight on 17 January, for two weeks, reaching no higher than No. 40. It had previously been offered to Marmalade, another group on CBS, but they rejected it as they thought it too pop-oriented for them.

Knight's version was re-issued in the UK, and made the charts again in 1974. It had however reached No. 13 in the US in the autumn of 1967, and a reissue in the UK in spring 1974 saw it rise to No. 19.

Since then it has been taken into the same chart by a number of further artists. Covers include the reworking by jazz artist Jamie Cullum, a charity version by the stars of the TV medical drama Casualty, and versions by Carl Carlton (1974), Gloria Estefan (late 1994-early '95), Rex Smith & Rachel Sweet (1981) and on a B-side by U2 (1989), and also by David Ruffin (of The Temptations fame, year unknown). The song's timeless melody, and distinctive optimistic lyrics, make it one of the defining 1960s pop songs. According to Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI), the 1974 Carl Carlton version has been played more than 4 million times.

In 2006, Pringles used the song in a television advert for their crisps.

A portion of the Carl Carlton 1974 version has also been used in a Hallmark musical card sold in the U.S and Canada.

There is also a different Rufus/Chaka Khan tune of the same name (recorded by Vanessa Lynn Williams), and another tune of the same name as well that Howard Jones had a hit with in 1989 in the US (around the same time that the U2 version was out in fact).

In Australia, a version by Australian band the Town Criers was in the charts in 1968 at the same time as the Love Affair version