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Alberta joined the Confederation of Canada in 1905. Alberta is the fourth largest Province in Canada in both size and population.

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Alberta joined the Canadian Confederation on September 1, 1905.

Alberta joined confederation in 1905. Since Alberta and Saskatchewan joined at the same time there both answer is 1905.

Alberta wanted to join the Confederation to further their economic ability, gain money, and access to the Trans-Canada railway.

Same time as Alberta- September 1, 1905

Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and british Columbia were the first provinces to join confederation.

The same date as Saskatchwan - September 1, 1905.

Saskatchewan and Alberta became provinces on September 1, 1905. They were previously part of the Northwest Territories.

he got Alberta and Saskatchewan to join the confederation.

Qubec joined the confederation in 1867.

which province joined confederation last and what year

Alberta Entered Confederation September first 1905

Alberta (1905) then Newfoundland (1949) and finishing off with Nunavut in 1999.

Laurier was Prime Minster when Alberta and Saskatchewan were established as provinces, but he did not have to convince them to join Canada. The two provinces were created out of the Northwest Territories; which was already Canadian territory.

1. Alberta and Saskatchewan did not "join" Canada. They "entered Confederation" by being created by the Government of Canada out of Northwest Territories. 2. Although Alberta and Saskatchewan both became provinces on the same day (September 1, 1905), Alberta is referred to as the eighth province and Saskatchewan as the ninth to enter Confederation.

Winnipeg did not join Confederation.

Before confederation, Alberta was about to be named Buffalo. There were lots of buffaloes there and hardly any were killed!

Saskatchewan and Alberta both became provinces on September 1, 1905. They were created by the Government of Canada out of the Northwest Territories. It would be correct to say they "entered" Confederation, but they did not "join" Canada because they did not exist prior to that date. The word "join" implies a prior existence.

It joined the confederation, in 1870. :D

Alberta joined confederation because they were promised over $1 000 000, money for public works and government expenses would be sent each year by the federal government. Taxes could be used to support seperate Protestant and Catholic schools and Alberta recieved provincial status with control over all areas granted to privinces under the BNA Act, except for public lands

Ontario did not "join" Confederation. Ontario did not exist as a political entity until Confederation occurred.

The seventh province to join confederation was British Columbia. There are 13 provinces that joined confederation; Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Brittish Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut. I hope i helped you =D

That's a stupid question. I don't even know who Alberta is

When Alberta joined confederation Edmonton became the capital

British Columbia joined Confederation and became Canada's sixth province on July 20, 1871.

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