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Answer : Never. Columbus never discovered the United States. The U.S. did not exist until well after Columbus was dead, 1776. Columbus found his way to what we now call North America in the year 1492.

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Q: What year did Christopher Columbus find the US?
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Did christopher Columbus mean to find the US of America?


What year was US found?

The United States was found in 1492, by Christopher Columbus.

What year did Hernando de soto explore the southeastern part of the us?

Christopher Columbus

What was Christopher Columbus biggest obstacle?

christopher columbus Biggest challange was traveling around the US.

Who was the founder of the US?

== == Christopher Columbus

Who did discover US?

christopher Columbus :)

Did Christopher Columbus us a compass?


How did christopher Columbus help us?

HE didnt help us at all, he didnt even find America he founded Hispanola

In 1942 who reached the US?

Christopher Columbus

Did Christopher Columbus discover the southwestern us?


How old was Christopher Columbus when he discovered the US?


How did Christopher Columbus describe the US?

the US & Clolumbus do not co-exist....

Is Christopher Columbus a naturalized US citizen?

Christopher Columbus lived long before the United States was established. He arrived in the Bahamas in 1492. The US was established in 1776.

What year did Chistopher Columbus discover the US?

Christopher Columbus is generally credited with discovering America, of which the US is a part. The US did not exist when Columbus made his voyages of discovery, so he could not discover it. Further, he never landed on any territory that later became part of the US

Who is the explorer that gets the credit for discovering the US?

it was christopher columbus

Did christopher Columbus ever land in what is called the US of America?


When did Christopher Columbus come to the US?

Christopher Columbus landed in the Bahamas in 1492. He never landed on the mainland of North America. He visited South America in 1498, and Central America in 1502, after which he was stranded for nearly a year on the island of Jamaica in 1503.

What explorer discovered the US?

christopher Columbus did but it was named after Amerigo Vespucci

What part of the US did Christopher Columbus explore?

COLOMBIA in South America

Who brought slavery to the US?

good ole' Christopher Columbus, I do believe.

Did Christopher Columbus found the US?

Yes. Christopher Columbus did found the U.S.A in 1492 Columbus never set foot on continental North America. He discovered the New World by landing on islands in the Caribbean.

Before Christopher Columbus discovered US who were living there?

The people who he called Indiens.

When was the cow introduce to the us?

They were brought over by Christopher Columbus on his second trip.

How did Christopher Columbus fulfill his dream?

cuz he was soo inteligent and prayed for us

What did Christopher Columbus do that affects us today?

Columbus brought the Spanish to the New World. Then came the Dutch. French, and English.

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