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Throughout Clara Barton's whole life, she has made a difference. She has made a difference in the American Red Cross. She has also made a difference in the way people get treatment. People fighting in the Civil War weren't cared for enough and Clara Barton changed the way people nursed the sick and injured. Clara Barton has made a difference thourought her lifetime.


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Clara Barton went to college for only one year and thn decided to become a teacher

Clara Barton died on April 12th nineteen twelve. I hope people will continue to remember her great achievements

She started nursing her brother David in 1833 I got this from a book called Clara Barton and The American Red Cross by Eve Marko.

She was a nurse. She decided to be a nurse after 1 year at college.

She was born on 25 December 1821. And she died on April 12,1912

When she was sixty, in the year 1881, she created the red cross in America.

she starts serving the in the civil war April of 1861

The Red Cross was established in 1881, by Civil War nurse Clara Barton.

No one can say when. There wasn't any computers to take notes on her diseases. If someone said I had smallpox, they wouldn't write down, *random date* "May 30, 2005 Cori has smallpox." Right?! They would just treat me. Sorry, that can't be answered unless you saw Clara Barton everyday in-person!

She didn't actually join the American Red Cross. She founded it. It got its first official charter in 1900.

Edmund Barton died on 1920

The Indian Red Cross Society was founded in 1920. The American Red Cross, founded by Clara Barton, was set up in May of 1881.

She died in l9l0, sot it must have been in that year. She is considered the founder of the Royal Red Cross- which operates under the motto of Faith, Hope, and Charity. Do not confuse with the American Red Cross, founded by Nurse Clara Barton much later. Miss Barton died in l9l2.

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Edmund Barton was Prime Minister from January 1901 to September 1903.

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