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The last time England won the 6 Nations was in 2003

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Q: What year did England win the 6 nations?
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What year did Wales win the 6 Nations?


How many times did England win six nations?

England have only won the 6 nations 4 times the country with the most wins is France with 5!

When did England rugby last win?

England beat Italy on February 7th 2009. As of today, 27th of February 2009, that is their last win. They have played and lost to Wales since then. There last win of the 6 Nations championship was in 2003, the same year that they won the Rugby World Cup.

What is the calcutta cup?

It is a trophy disputed every year between England and Scotland. The winner of the two nations' 6 Nations encounter takes it.

When did Ireland win the six nations?

Ireland won the 6 nations in 2009.

What six teams are in the six nations this year?

Same as always. England, Scotland, Wale, Ireland, France and Italy. The teams in the 6 Nations don't change.

Who won the first six nations?

As the tournament was the 5 nations prior to this the actual first 6 nations winner was England in the year 2000. Scotland hold the title of the winner of the last 5 nations tournament.

Who played the most 6 nations games for England?


Who won RBS 6 nations 2013?


How many winning games did the New England Patriots win?

They've currently won 6 games this year.

How long have England rugby been playing the 6 nations?

The Six Nations started in 2000. England have been playing in it since then. Prior to that was the Five Nations, which started in 1910 and the Home Nations which started in 1883, both of which England were part of.

Which are the 6 nations?

The Six nations, as in the Six Nations Championship for rugby, are England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Italy and Wales. The Six nations, as in the Six Nations Championship for rugby, are England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Italy and Wales.

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