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Q: What year did Gregor Mendel start working on peas?
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Related questions

What do you Gregor Mendel's peas have to do with the study of heredity?

Gregor Mendel's research with peas revealed the underlying principles of heredity. For this he is known as the founder of genetics.

Where did Gregor Mendel start researching genetics?

He started researching genetics in Australia using peas

What website is Gregor Mendel pictures on?

Try Biography of Gregor Mendel. It has some decent pictures of Mendel and the garden where he planted his peas.

What plant did gregor Mendel work with?


Why did Gregor Mendel study peas?

Gregor Mendel studyed peas because he notaced that they reproduced fast and he could studdy the different trates pased on from parent to offspring easyer.

What is gregor Mendel's theory?

Gregor Mandals theory was to find out why peas were wrinkled and etc,

Who studied genetics using peas?

Gregor Mendel

What was Gregor Mendel 's favorite food?


What discoveries or inventions did gregor Mendel do?

he did the peas experiment

What organism did Gregor Mendel use in his research?

Garden Peas...

Which plant did Gregor Mendel use in his famous experiments?


What living thing did Gregor Mendel study the characteristics?


What kind of work did Gregor Mendel do?

Peas hybridization experiment

Did Gregor Mendel work with garden peas?

Yes his most famous work dealt with the genetics of peas.

Who invented mushy peas?

Gregor Mendel invented peas in 1850

What type of organism did Gregor Mendel study?

He studied garden peas.

Why did Gregor Johann Mendel use peas?

bec. i dont know...........

What type of organisms does gregor Mendel's principles of gentics apply to?

Mendel's first experiments dealt with sweet peas.

What organism did Gregor Mendel use for his experiments?

He use peas for mostly for his experiments

When did Gregor Mendel publish the results of his breeding experiments with garden peas?


Who was gregor Mendel and what experimants is he famous for?

He is the father of genetics. He is famous for his experiments with peas.

What experiments did Gregor Mendel Carry out?

peas, comparasion of their sizes, shoots, colour of seed.

Who was called father of modern genetics and worked cultivating peas?

Gregor Johann Mendel

Why did Gregor Johann Mendel study peas?

Probably because it was easy to use and the fact that he had red peas and white peas could help him as markers for his studies on genetics.

What were gregor Mendel's experiments and the results?

He tested on garden peas and pisums. He was very successful in his studies.