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Harley Race, in fact did body slam Andre the Giant in October of 1978, way before Hulk Hogan slammed him at Wrestlemania.

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Who Body Slammed Andre The Giant?

hulk hogan

What year did Hulk Hogan body slam Andre the Giant?

It was in 1987 at WrestleMania 3.

What did they do with Andre the Giant body after he died?

Andre's body was creamated in accordance to his wishes and scatterd at his ranch in Ellerbe,North Caralina.

Who did Andre the giant slam at WrestleMania 1 for 10000?

He wrestled and body slammed Big John Stud

How did ultimate warrior died?

he died after he lifted up Andre the giant his stems inside the body stopped

What happened to WWE superstar Andre the giant?

he died of a disease where his body kept growing but heart unfortunately he died

What nicknames does Andre Sobottka go by?

Andre Sobottka goes by Body, and The Body.

How did WWE Andre the giant die?

Andre the Giant died from congestive heart failure (his heart couldn't supply enough blood to circulate around his body) in his sleep. He was only 46.After his death, the WWE named him the first Hall of Fame Inductee as a sign of appreciation for his legacy and worldwide appeal.

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a giant squid is very long

Who is the greatest WWE wrestler ever?

The answer to that question is Andre the Giant he made a world record for being undefeated for 15 years.until he had a disease that cause his huge body.HBK- he is MR. WRSTLEMANIA-he mis the best there is, the best there was, and the best there will beThis is a question that can have many answers. There are certainly the greats like:Andre The GiantHUlk HoganRic FlairBret HartThe UndertakerShawn MichaelsTriple HMick FoleyHarley RaceRandy SavageThe RockStone Cold Steve AustinTrish StratusI am sure I probably forgot a few names but there is my short list. Everyone will have a different opinion. I am not even sure I have a definite answer for myself. My personal favorite on the list above is The Rock. I guess in the end you have to evaulate the career of the wrestler. You have to look at how they started and how they ended. What their impact was, how many titles they won. How long did they wrestle. But if I am forced to choose an answer from the list above I would go with Ric Flair.

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panadas body covering is fur

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Giant Cat

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The giant pacific octopus has bilateral symmetry. They have arms that branch directly off of their heads and they have a soft body.

Who are the famous biotechnologist and their contributions?

Hulk Hogan he body slammed Andre the Gaint

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Harley Tigrer*** Has the largest ears in the world. In the biblodoctuery for largest body parts Harley Tigrer*** mesures 14.4 inches in ear width.

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The Mekong Giant Catfish is a part of the Shark Catfish Family.

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In real life is Andre the Giant the Big Show's father?

No, Big Show was billed to be Andre's son which means it was not real (kayfabe). The reason why they start saying he was Andre's son was because Big Show is the next wrestler similar to Andre they both had a growth disease which is a disease where your body won't stop growing and you need surgery to fix it. Big Show had the surgery in the early 90s but I don't think Andre got it.AnswerNo... it was made up as a publicity stunt to get the audiences attention

Will hulk hogan ever fight for championships?

Not anymore. He's basically retired, except for a few appearances each year. If you want to see him in his glory days, rent some dvds~Early wrestlemanias like 2,3 show him body slamming Andre the giant.

Do the different peoples within the white race have different body smell or are there only different smells between the races?

Different people within the white race do have different body smells. There are different body smells and odors between all different people. Their race has nothing to do with their body smell.

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