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IRC (internet Relay Chat) was invented in 1988

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I doubt there is, Chat rooms are used mostly for teens and adults

Well I don't know if your asking if we agree or disagree for chat rooms for 12 year olds but i agree just as long as there moderated by some adult.

yes there are club penguin dizzywood there you go 9 year old chat and over

There are probably alot of chat rooms for young children like 12 years old.

no because people will pretend to be someone there not

well,you can chat to people on stardoll and do a suite chat that looks like it is in 3d,but for people that is 13 and over can go on IMVU

There is no need for an eight year old to talk in a chat room. Dumb people these days...Well i am 8 i am soo not Dumb.

Chat rooms are unsfae for many reasons. Firtst of all, you can never really know who you're talking too. They can say that they are a 10 year old girl when they are a 54 year old man. And when you tell people info about yourself, they could use it against you. Maybe Blackmail, or worse. When you are in chat rooms, you have to be carful. Not to say where you live/work and stuff.

its right next to the 40 year old pedophile chat room

40 year old women are sexy,mature,experienced,and knowledgeable enough to make wise decisions.So,a 40 yr old lady has the perfect right to be in chat rooms or any where there heart desires.

sanrio world tumblr twitter omgpop

Yes their are if you go on you get safe chat choices so ya um go to it

Club Penguin is an excellent place for children under 13 to chat. It is a virtual world with penguins and there is a swear filter. It is a fun place for children to chat. The majority of chat rooms are not safe for children under 13 since a forty year old can pose as a child.

yes, there are, you just need to look well and you'll find it, be sure you read the terms and conditions of the chat room

Club Pebnguin, penguin chat3,other virtual worlds

Homosexuality is still illegal in most countries in the world under the age of consent. So it is highly unlikely that there is any official gay chat rooms for under age children.

Yes, there are loads of websites. Search in google. Type in: chat rooms teenagers. Something good should come up.

i think more than 5000 kids are kidnapped every year from chatrooms

kidsworld soz im very sorry im only little

For 13 and up try gaia online or chatango.

Imvu. Our world... Moviestarplanet(13 years probs although i know 15 year olds playing it)

It is against the law for under 13's to own an account in anything online. That includes chat networks, gaming sites and social networks.

They are chat rooms for children from 7 or over like Moshi monsters, club penguin and Moviestarplanet moviestarplanet isn't really safe because teenagers hang around there.

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