What year did Lewis and Clark die?

After the expedition, the two would lead completely different lives. Meriwether Lewis was serving as governor of Missouri Territory in 1809 (just 3 years after the expedition ended). Lewis, a troubled individual, was not suited for the bureaucratic life and found himself deep amongst petty and jealous administrators. On the way to Washington to clear his name, he stopped at Fort Pickering at the Chickasaw Bluffs. Those there described him as mentally distressed.

Three weeks later, he was found in his rooms with two gunshot wounds at a roadside inn at Grinder's Stand, Hohenwald, Tennessee, just south of Nashville. He died the next morning on October 11, 1809. At the time, the shooting was called a suicide, but most people now believe he was murdered (randomly, not as a premeditated target). Jefferson -- for as long as he'd known the man -- admitted that he had suffered from "hypochondriac afflictions."

Clark would serve as governor of the Missouri Territory (from 1813-1820) and he continued to lead Native American affairs for 30 years, enjoying a high reputation as an authority on the West. Many hunters, adventurers and explorers would visit him in St. Louis for advice. He died at age 69 on September 1, 1838, while at the home of his son, Meriwether Lewis Clark.His cause of death is unknown and is only described as a "brief illness."