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Clemson won the 1981 national championship in football. They beat Nebraska 22-15 in the January 1, 1982 Orange Bowl to win the championship.

No. The 2008 National Champion were the Florida Gators.

Yes i would say 90% chance that Alabama will win national championship game i would say 88% chance that Auburn will win national championship game i would say 84% chance that Oregon will win national championship game i would say 82% chance that Boise State will win national championship game i would say 80% chance that TCU will win national championship game i would say 77% chance that LSU will win national championship game i would say 73% chance that Oklahoma wil win national championship game i would say 68% chance that nebraska will win national championship game i would say 64% chance that Mississippi stae will win national championship

Peru State won the NAIA National Division II Championship in 1990.

This Duke team was led by Jayson Williams, Carlos Boozer, Shane Battier, and Mike Dunleavy. What a great rivalry during UNC's down years. It showcased two great teams consistently in the Top 10 and many future NBA players. Duke went on to win the national championship that year, and Maryland would go onto win the National Championship the following year.

Marshall won the Division 1-AA national championship in 1992 and 1996.

Frank is a great coach, and Tech is a team to be proud of, but the national championship has not happened yet. Now what the heck is a "Hokie"?

n did princeton last win national championship in college basketball

1938, 1940, 1950, 1951, 1967, and 1998

No, Temple has never won a NCAA National Championship.

1965 (Alabama) and 1966 (Notre Dame) they spilt the national championship and in 1962 they won it outright.

Well, they did win in 1984, but, now, they have almost a .001% of even making the national championship, let alone, win it. :)

The 1995 Cowboys were the last Dallas team to win the National Football League championship.

is osu going to win the national championship yea they will of course they are number 1

They won it in 1942. Your welcome for the points

Arkansas razorbacks never won a national championship.

He was at Oklahoma when they won a national championship, but was hurt for the game itself.

Maryland lays claim to two National Championships in football, winning them in 1951 and 1953. In those years the final voting was completed before the bowl games.

Yes His Senior Year with oak hill academy

yes i think the lakers can win the championship! THE LAKERS ARE AWESOME!

he never one a national championship in college answered by A. Sol Greene

In 1939 Texas A&M won the national championship game. Many people also claim that A&M, Notre Dame, and Michigan are still arguing over who won it in another year. (This is because both of these situations were before the BCS National Championship game era.)

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