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2 area codes in New York CityIn 1984, New York City started using 2 area codes (212 and 718) due to the increasing demand for telephone numbers. Previously it was 212 for all of New York City.

However, your question is based on some inaccurate assumptions. First, New York City did not need additional area codes due to increasing population. The population of New York City in 1984 was less than it was in 1940. It was the proliferation of cell phones, fax machines, direct-dial business numbers, and, most of all, competitive local phone companies that caused the need for additional area codes. Also, 19 million is the approximate population of the New York City metropolitan area, including suburbs in New Jersey and Connecticut. NYC proper has about 8.3 million people.

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Q: What year did New York begin using an area code which means they became more populated than 19 million people?
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