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It should be around 775- 776 B.C. in Greece. It consisted with many events including: running, Javelin tosses, Jumping events, Boxing, and a Wrestling event.

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In which country did the Olympics originate?

Ancient Greece

Where and when did the Olympics originate?

The Olympics originated in Greece.

What country did englands Olympics originate in?

The Olympics originated from Ancient Greece

What country did olympics originate?

Ancient Greece.

Who started the Winter Olympics and where did it originate?


What countries did they originate from in the first Olympics?


Where did running originate?

in athes the first olympics

Where did track and field originate?

At a Ancient Greek Olympics.

In what country the Olympics originate?

The Olympics started in Greece , and the first game was held in Athens.

When is the Olympics this year?

the Olympics this year are 2010 that is when they are.

Where did the Olympics originate?

Ancient Greece, 776 BC. The first 'modern' Olympics were held in Athens Greece in 1896.

Why did the ancient Olympic games originate?

Zeus created the Olympics in Olympia.

Where are the Olympics held at this year?

This year the Olympics will be held at Beijing in China.

Where are the Olympics going to be held next year?

There are no Olympics next year.

Where did the 100 meter dash originate from?

It orginated fro mteh Ancient Olympics.

In what year was the Olympics held in Athens?

2004 was the year the Olympics were held in Athens.

What year were the Olympics held in Atlanta GA?

1996is the year the Olympics were held

What year was the Beijing Olympics held?

The Beijing Olympics were held in the year 2008.

When were the summer and winter Olympics separated?

1992 was the final year the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics were held in the same year.

What was the only Olympics that isn't on a leap year?

in the year 1994 in Norway the olympics were held

Where was the 1970 Olympics held?

There was not Olympics in the year 1970.

Where were the winter Olympics in 2000?

There were no winter Olympics that year.

In what country did the olympics originate from?

The Olympics were originally invented Ancient Greece, with its city-states sending their best athletes to compete with one another in honor of Zeus every 4 years. The first games are said to have been held in the year 776 BC.

What year was tennis first in the Olympics?

In first hit the headlines that tennis was in the Olympics was in the year of 1896.

When was the first year soccer was played in Olympics?

1900 was the first year soccer was played in Olympics.

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