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Prince Edward Island joined Confederation and became a province on July 1, 1873. It is the seventh province to join Canada.

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P.E.I was the eighth province and territory to join Canada. They joined July 1, 1873.

He became premier of Prince Edward Island in 1863.

Prince Edward Island joined Canada on July 1, 1873, thereby becoming the seventh province.

prince edward island became part of Canada on July 1st 1873

im guessing that it would have to become island. as you see prince edward island. its still part of Canada but its a island. so that's what wood happenen.

Prince Edward Island has an economy that is highly tourism-centric, to the extent that many towns become almost deserted during the winter months.

Prince Edward Island joined Confederation on July 1, 1873.

1873. u can just look on the internet instead of asking others.

Prince Edward, Prince of Wales Know as Edward of Woodstock or The Black Prince, Died before his Father King Edward III, the first Prince of Wales to die before becoming king, His son King Richard II became king on the death of Edward III.

The pre-Confederation colony known as the Province of Canada joined Canada at the time of Confederation, July 1, 1867. It was at that time severed into the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.186718701871187319051949Ontario|Manitoba|British Columbia|Prince Edward Island|Saskatchewan|Newfoundland and LabradorQuebec||||Alberta|Nova Scotia|||||New Brunswick|||||

British monarchs choose which name they wish to be known by. As Prince Albert was also called Edward he chose Edward as more suitable. If and when Prince Charles ascends to the throne he is likely to be Charles III but may choose Philip, Arthur or George.

In 1865 Queen Victoria was Queen of the UK. Her oldest son, Prince Albert Edward of Wales, was next in line to the throne. That year Prince Edward had his second child, George, was born. His older brother, Prince Albert Victor, was second in line to become King after his father. But, in 1892 Prince Albert Victor became sick and died. This boosted Prince George to second in line after his father. In 1901, Queen Victoria died and Prince Albert Edward took the throne, calling himself Edward VII. This made Prince George the Heir to the throne. In 1910 King Edward died and Prince George took the throne.

Probably. It is named after the Prince of Wales during the reign of King George V. A sister ship was named King George V. The Prince of Wales would become Edward VIII.

Edward Eyre used the money he made as a flock owner to become an explorer. His first expeditions took place in South Australian in 1839. Between 1848 and 1853, he was the Lieutenant-Governor of New Munster Province.

It hasn't become a province yet, it is still a territory.

Yukon is still a territory; it has not yet become a province.

Queen Elizabeth II is Head of State. Her husband is Prince Phillip and they have four children - Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. When Queen Elizabeth dies, her eldest son Prince Charles, will become King.

''Manitoba became a province in 1870.''

Manitoba became a province because

Victoria is not a province. Victoria is the capital city of the province of British Columbia.

King Edward III of England's heir was Edward, the Black Prince who had the future King Richard II of England. According to succession the child of the heir would become the new heir if the current one dies. Edward, the Black Prince died before Edward III so his son Richard became Edward's new heir instead of Edward III's younger sons.

Montreal isn't a province you idiot

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